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Get her corrupt husband some insider information to trade on.

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Tell me something I don't know

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You think we're going to last until 2035 before Revolutionary War II... cute

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Wouldn't surprise me if both were right. Hell we were funding the bioweapon lab in Wuhan FFS

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I've had colds. This was different.

I respect your opinion, but what I had wasn't a cold. Could have been the normal "flu" as I don't have near as much experience with the flu, but I've had dozens of colds in my four decades on this planet. That wasn't it.

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It warms my heart that there are so many of you fucked in the head just like me. It, honestly, gives me hope that we're going to make it through this.

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I bought a bunch of tests when my wife was sick before I went down and we were consistently testing positive. Wasn't too bad. We're all healthy and reasonably young (40,39,7,5). Adults were taking ivermectin though.

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We bought a bunch of tests and we all consistently were testing positive. Of the different brands of Covid, lord knows... I think that's all a bunch of hooey and applesauce. Moral of the story is "it's not too bad" and no way it's worth vax'ing your kids. Those little lovies barely even missed a beat.

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My family and I, all unvax'd, had it over July 4th. Kids were sick for half a day and my wife and I were down for two days. Heads aches, body aches, and super tired for 48 hours. Watched a bunch of TV and was on the mend by day three.

Something about battling a virus engineered in communist China over Independence Day made me swell with patriotism. Wife would occasionally hear USA chants from my bedroom. She didn't get it.

Loving that natural immunity.

Edit - I should note that the adults (40,39) were taking Ivermectin daily as soon as we had our first hot test.

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we don't deserve him. never did. but i'm grateful that he's around

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You're so right... NYC cops who saw too much and the 1/6 CPs killing themselves, but the pussies who listened to gunshots killing children for 44 minutes before engaging the gunman are still ordering pizza hut.

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I assure you that the guy who hit the button to release the magnetic locks is not in DC Gitmo

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As soon as latinos break from the plantation, that wall will be up and manned by people with machine guns.

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you're not going hungry, that's for sure

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Come to Tennessee

by k-doe1
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Let’s start the conversation with decades of exclusively Democrat leadership.

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The idea of sweaty Marxists buying shitty CCP produced products in a company swirling the toilet bowl gives me a freedom boner.

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