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That's just Texas being Texas. If you've ever spent any time there, you'll know that they're proud of their systems. I seriously do not see that ever changing. The County Judge is a big part of life in rural Texas, they are even in charge of emergency services.

It originated back in a time when, as you said, there were limited resources - so the Judge wore many hats.

Back in the frontier days, it wasn't uncommon for government officials of any type to be given more authority than they have today, simply because it was the wild west.

Ed Pulaski, for example, was an early USFS ranger who was famous for saving a bunch of his men during a fire in the early 1900s. Back in his time, the forest rangers on a given piece of gov't land were more or less the final authority on all things. They gave them a gun, a horse, couple of mules and some provisions and sent them to work. They were the authority over basically everything from investigations to fire fighting, to land management, to missing persons, and everything in between.

Texas just never got out of that mindset that existed across much of the western US in those days.

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I'm pretty sure this Texas law goes back to well before modern times. That's where the entire thing came from, when a time where the wild west was still very much uninhabited and spring up prospecting towns ended up with a catch-all government official to oversee a given area. Thus, the "County Judge" of Texas was born, and it never went anywhere over the centuries.

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But aren't judges in Texas different than judges in other states? There are the "normal" judges that you'd think of that work in courts, then there are "County Judges" that are more akin to a county supervisor. The "County Judge" is someone who gets elected, and they don't work in the courts in the way you'd think of a typical judge.

They're a county administration official that has the title of "judge" and while technically they have judicial authority, in practice it's not part of the job.

I think Arkansas or maybe it was Oklahoma are the only other states that call this position a judge.

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Yep, you're right.

But where else is there to go? The answer is nowhere. People say I am dooming, but I say I'm being realistic.

These cunts have backed so many people into a corner, it's going to be biblical if anything ever DOES lash out.

But until then, I feel very much so that we're just watching our republic crumble from the sidelines, that modern technology -things like social media, are allowing us to see it in real time, an accelerated pace, the likes of which humanity has never witnessed.

Societies rise and fall all throughout human history, but most of them did so over the course of generations. We're literally watching societies fall now inside of a decade, and now it's looking like it's happening even faster than that.

Venezuela went form oil rich to eating rats in the street inside of a decade.

We've gone from the powerhouse that used to be the USA, to this weird zombified fucked up thing we are now, where globalist fucksticks are just raping what's left of our coffers while enslaving the rest of us as their tax chattel.

IT's pretty depressing to think about, but I think overall it was something that was always going to happen - civilizations DO have an expiration date, but we're just seeing it happen so much faster, and thus, causing so much more misery, because of how interconnected and dependent we are on so much of our technological achievements.

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Came here to say that. I've been with this movement since the very beginning back in 2015, from the original reddit page, to the follow up pages, I've stayed and supported the group and wanted nothing more than a return to sanity and the country I remember and love so much from a couple of decades ago.

It has become obvious to me, though, that the deep state and their leftist troons have been successful in one the most thorough psyop campaigns in history, to install fear, demoralization, and paranoia among those who I'd have considered my "allies".

Everybody is constantly screaming for a solution, everybody bitches and moans about the state of everything, but they'll always, always take it JUST SHORT of the actual solution now, because they're all fucking terrified. They look around and point fingers and call each other feds now, because that's what this has been reduced to.

I've been spending less and less time here because of it.

It's pretty sad and demoralizing, not going to lie. At the end of the day, it makes me feel like they are going to do whatever the fuck they want to do, and everyone is going to keep up that attitude of "well I've got too much to risk to do anything about it" all the way to the fucking boxcars or mass graves.

GG ya'll. It's been real. Guess we'll see what happens this week, but I suspect the system is going to roll us yet again.

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I would use it as a way to promote clown world. Hire the absolute worst candidates possible, but be sure to make them all tick boxes, so that when it all comes crashing down, everyone gets even more fucking pissed off at the bullshit.

The only way anything is ever, ever going to be done to stop this madness is once people get fed up enough. Keeping the water luke warm is not going to do anything at all.

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I don't get his idea of "be your own bank" either. If I were capable of being my own bank, wouldn't I have already done that?

How does buying silver and gold suddenly make me wealthy enough to be my own bank?

They are decent investments, like you said, when the economy is being a little wonky, but it's by no means a get rich quick scheme. If it were as simple as buying gold and silver, to become so wealthy you can create a bank, then everybody would be buying gold and silver.

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I mean, I get the sentiment. I've been buying it myself and putting it in my safe.

But what am I supposed to do when I have a massive expense that comes up?

I have gold and silver, yea, but I'm not a multi-millionaire. You do realize that people do things like farm and ranch where they have to front large expenses in order to make moderate income, right? And those expenses overwhelmingly come from loans.

I'm just nots sure what else I'm supposed to do in order to "become my own bank". Unless you're just suggesting everyone not be poor, and everybody just become wealthy enough to buy everything they need. Which is what it sounds like. If that's the case, I wonder why 99% of the population didn't just think of that?

If it was so simple to just become your own bank, why are we even in this situation in the first place?

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This one of my very first thoughts, too. As soon as I saw that they were being bailed out, but "not being bailed out", I knew right then it was a step in that direction.

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This is the proper reply. I get the sentiment, but people who think they and everyone else are going to barter for shit like it's the year 1142 need to get their heads out of their asses.

The only way we truly go back to a real bartering system is with a society wide collapse of everything in which the ONLY important things left are shelter, food, water.

And we don't get there without untold fucking amounts of human suffering and massive death.

Once we do, though, if you're one of the lucky survivors, then good luck with it I guess?

Until then, you're not going to be bartering jack shit with your 12 bottle of vodka you've got stored in your "bunker".

The thing is, everybody wants to have an answer for this shit, everybody wants to be the one with a solution. But some situations are so fucked they don't have a solution.

This is one of those situations.

We're just going to all fucking burn together as this country spirals out.

I would say, before learning to barter, you should learn to shoot.

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But muh 27,909 chicken farms burn every day in the US, and muh 11 million train derailments bruh, and muh banks constantly failing and people running on them is normal, everyone who notices is just emotional

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We're pretty far along on that path, imho.

All you have to do is look around in like, a sizeable portion of most organizations now. They're chocked full of exactly what you describe.

Nobody knows what the fuck they're doing now. Everyone is an incompetent ass kisser now.

The only marks for success, are how well you can suck the cock of either your boss/business, or the woke mob/govt.

If you can repeat the proper words and be a good little cuck, you'll get promoted. It doesn't matter if you can do the actual "job" or not. The actual work is relegated to the dumbasses who are too stupid to realize how the game is played now, who think that by working hard they'll get a payout some day.

At least, that's how these people think as they look down on them. But it's largely true, too.

So they take their promotions, get into positions that have no business being in, and destroy shit.

Look at how so many organizations are being driven into the fucking DIRT right now. And it's almost ALL directly linked to failures of leadership. People who got put into promotions and offices because they sucked the right cock and were the proper yes man, but then had zero clue how to run anything.

And the only reason these places have lasted as long as they even have in the first place, is because of the sheer momentum our economy has had over the last century. Many of them are still being propelled by that alone and they haven't even realized they're going to crash.

My brother works at a place like that. Complete and utter incompetent leadership all the way to the top, and over the last ~4-5 months that place has lost that momentum that was propelling them, and all of the nepotism, fucking yes-men hiring bullshit they've done is now exposed and one giant fucking problem for the whole place. They've got people walking out daily, they can't keep up with their contractual obligations now, and they're trying the most ABSURD things to try and keep it together.

They literally started threatening people with legal action if they quit their jobs. Said they'd sue them for lost revenue if they didn't come in and keep working 6-7 day weeks worth of 14 hour days (because they're so fucked up that's the only possible way they've even been able to remotely stay even somewhat CLOSE to caught up, because they're so retarded they've fucked their entire business).

I keep telling him to bounce before he loses his job. He's been there for like 9 years and it went down hill atrociously in the last 2 years, with the last few months being a sinking ship.

That's the same formula I've been seeing across so many industries it's insane.

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They'll just bitch about that, too. You aren't allowed to exist in the same system as them, but you're also not allowed to take your money out.

You see, the only acceptable solution to them is for you to cease existing and all of your stuff to be redistributed among them.

This is the same fucking BULLSHIT that took place in early 20th century soviet Russia.

Bolshevik nonsense.

Wait until they start branding us all kulaks because they've become impatient with waiting for the system to just do something about us on their behalf, and they start just coming for it themselves. That's when things get spicy.

These people get spun up into a frenzy, then they start feeding off of themselves, spinning themselves and each other up even more until they start thinking it's a good idea to attack people.

Look at that shit that has been happening down in Georgia. These retards think they're fighting some sort of revolution.

The unfortunate truth is, though, they can still do a lot of damage to a lot of people if they band together.

Which is precisely why I've been telling people to get the FUCK out of the cities.

When this shit does eventually snap off (and I wholeheartedly believe it will), the only people who will stand a chance of living anything resembling a somewhat stable and normal life, will be those of us out in the boonies who have taken steps to prepare and be self-reliant.

Anyone living in an urban shithole is just going to be consumed by an angry mob of bolsheviks and turned into a steaming, smoking, pile of ash as it all devours itself in some fucked up display of self immolation.

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I'm aware.

Diversity - acceptance and emphasis of races, creeds, religions, genders, orientation, political orientation of every person who is other than: straight, white, cis, male, conservative. That is diversity.

Inclusion - bringing in all of the above from Diversity and leveraging institutional power to ensure they belong. Creating policies and enforcing rules that make sure whatever barriers may have been in place before, regardless of context, have been removed so that all people other than straight/white/male/cis/conservative are forcefully pushed into the center stage.

Equity - Using that very same institutional power from inclusion to tear down the competence hierarchy. When straight/white/male/cis/conservative people work for 30 years and put in sweat to make it to the top, that's oppression of everyone who isn't straight/white/male/cis/conservative, so equity is then leveraged to utilize institutional power to allow those people to skip the line in the name of "fairness" and "righting historical wrongs" and put straight at the finish line.

These are disastrous marxist policies. It's a horrible, murderous political ideology wrapped up in cuddly corporate woke terminology so that people accept it and the stupid among us won't make the connection to what it really is.

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I dunno, but I can't understand why we keep seeing case after case of this shit where the perp just gets arrested and then washed out of the system with a slap on the wrist.

I can tell you with certainty, like not even a fucking question in my mind, that if someone did something like this to my family, someone love dearly... It would be an entirely different outcome.

My entire purpose in life would immediately shift to be solely focused on one thing, 100% laser energy with no possibility of distractions, and no possibility of anything getting in my way, and it would be the entire motivation for every breath of my remaining life. My whole purpose at that point for living would be to hunt that person down like an animal. I wouldn't give two shits what happened to me or anyone else around me. I'd make sure my remaining family were safe and taken care of, and then I'd go take care of business.

I just can't believe that hasn't happened time and time again. How the fuck can some fucking beast just murder your child and then you just hide like a cuck and give weak ass statements to the press?

I would leave a path of biblical fire.

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If ever there were a more applicable statement to the demagogues of the left.

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I mean, he was competent enough to figure out how to go get his head transformed into a mop. You have to be sentient enough to navigate down the street and figure out how to have money to pay the hair salon that does that for you.

This type of ruling is generally reserved for someone who is extremely mentally handicapped, to the point of requiring around the clock care, who might have done something they didn't fully understand, typically the kind who is housed in some sort of assisted living facility.

I don't see a dude all sperg'd out in a wheelchair.

I see a cocky street lean in that mugshot with a head full of dreads. Dude knew exactly what he was doing.

Someone needs to look into the DA and see what kind of background they have.

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This is the part that really pisses me off and has gotten under my collar so badly over the past like, I dunno 3? 4 years? It seemed to really take off sometime during the last several years, and I saw it come out simultaneously. It was not organic at all.

When my employer started pushing the diversity, equity, and inclusion narrative, I saw other employers in other unrelated industries push the same thing within like 1-2 weeks of each other.

You can't tell me that wasn't coordinated.

And of course it came with the gender nonsense at it's fucking CORE.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here, the part where truth is straight up denied and you're assaulted, shut down, and cancelled for espousing it?

Goddamn I can't stand that shit.

Like, I don't give a fuck if some idiots want to believe fairytales. That's always been a thing. Let dumbasses believe whatever they're going to believe. But when it gets to a point where they come and tell me that I can't believe TRUTH, and worse than that, fucking COMMON goddamned truth that we were taught from a young age how the world works?

My god have we fallen at that point.

I mean, what's next? Are they going to tell us the sky isn't blue and then assault anyone who disagrees?

You cannot change your gender. And no amount of harassing, cancelling, and stalking me for saying so will ever change that. It will also never change the fact that the people who think they have changed their gender kill themselves at many factors higher than any other demographic in existence.

We have a spiraling mental health crisis in this nation, which I believe is largely due to a combination of social media/smartphone culture, toxic work culture, hopeless future, economic strife, and constant fucking brainwashing from academia, the media, and the state.

It has caused a significant portion of our society, the weakest among us, to absolutely spin out of control.

From my perspective, the only people left in this nation who have been able to remain grounded to reality, are the strongest among us, and that number is horrifyingly low compared to the massive chunk of "normies".

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Which is the behavior of a hate filled person. Someone who hates you and wants to rub into your face that their entire existence is something you disagree with.

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That's the thing though, these people are the same ones that bitch about capitalism, they don't want to have to be profitable. They just want to be given money so they can go make pottery or some other dumb bullshit and still exist financially. They don't want to work a real job.

So they have started figuring out they can leverage the woke against places like this bank to get their bills paid, while they do fucking nothing except join in on woke activism at best, laying around smoking weed and watching tranny porn at worst.

For them, it's a good deal. For the banks investors, not so much.

I suspect the issue is, though, very much the same as a whole lot of large corporations - is that these banks likely have been infiltrated by people who are friendly to "the cause" and have made their way into positions of authority that can make the decisions to give money to these people.

They see their fellow woke tribe and wink wink low key know they'll never get a fucking cent back from those investments, but they're think it's not money out of their pockets, so why do they care? That's the risk of lending, and the risk of investing, so they'll just help out their fellow faggots to get free money.

Of course, that's all a folly. We're seeing right now how disastrous it was.

I hope they all enjoyed the free ride.

Now it's time to put on the big boy pants and learn to weld.

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No you don't understand, for these people it's not that THEY are not allowed to bank somewhere. No, that's not it. They're allowed to bank anywhere.

And that's the fucking problem they have. They're allowed to bank in the same places that, say, a white conservative gun owner is allowed to bank.

They don't want YOU to be allowed to bank in the same place as they are, and thus, they feel that they're being genocided when you are allowed to exist alongside of them.

For them, their oppression doesn't have to include actual oppression against them, it just has to include a lack of oppression against their enemies for them to be oppressed.

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Who would have thought that if you fund a startup for a tranny storytime coffee shop, that it wouldn't be profitable, and then the communists that "work" there (read: hang out and post activist bullshit on instagram all day) would expect the bank to just let them keep the lights on, keep the building open, and somehow just make payroll even without cashflow coming in, because that's fighting the system somehow, or something.

Anyone with two braincells to rub together could have told you this was ultimately how that garbage was going to end from the very beginning.

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