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Hahahahaha get fucked goddamned retards.

It's LONG past time these morons shitting on the constitution get a ruling rammed up their asses. And this isn't even a "ruling" as much as it is, "Go reconsider these laws now that we've shown you we're not afraid of ruling in favor of the 2nd, so that we don't have to actually rule on them".

It signals that if any states press ahead, they might actually rule that mag bans and "assault" bans are unconstitutional.

I fucking HOPE some stupid fuck running some state is like "well we'll see about that!" and tries it anyway, and I fucking HOPE they strike it down with prejudice.

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I never stated that we paid more than blue states - blue states, in particular, those with very large blue cities, obviously pay more in federal taxes because there are more people overall working and paying income tax etc.

But what I did say, is that we pay for it in red states. Meaning, we still pay for shit that THEY are guilty of causing.

I don't care if blue states still pay "more", the fact that we're paying any at all to this shit is what should piss everybody off.

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I'm actually surprised we haven't already seen it.

People call me a black pillar or doomer, but the truth of the matter is, the second this fraudulent admin was certified, is the second all future elections were toast.

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It's still an issue for red states, even if the blue states only get communism in their own borders.

Think about California-they run such a fucked up budget the fed has to bail them out, but they CONTINUALLY keep handing out more money to bullshit that makes them more broke.

And of course we pay for it in red states, with federal taxes.

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The bullshit part is, they'll probably just pass a new version of legislation thst gives them the same powers as before.

Thsts something that pisses me off to no end, when the govt enacts some overreach BULLSHIT, then the people fight back and get it shut down, and then they just enact ANOTHER VERSION of the SAME FUCKI.G BULLSHIT again. This makes it so there's not *truly( q check on govt, o ly temporary bandaid.

Couple of examples: a few years ago, in my state, you could get pulled over for bad inspection sticker or loud exhaust.

People bitched about localities abusing this and the law was changed so that you could no longer get get pulled over for those things. Fast forward to this week, the state legislature is just enacting g the same laws again, under a different name, where they can go right the fuck back to what they were doing before.

Same thing happened on gun laws: a few years back we had one a month laws on handguns. It was later struck down, lasted for a few more years, and then like fucking magic, it just got legislated again.

Like, it should be fucking illegal to even TRY to reinstate a law that has been struck down, IMHO. If a law is so controversial that it has been fought against and struck down, it was never a good law in the first place and shouldn't be a le to come right back.

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And this is because the general population is now within reach of the "nice things" the lords and barons thought was reserved for only themselves.

Regular people can now have beach homes, lake houses, they can come to the country club and purchase a membership.

These people think only the elite of the elite should be allowed to live that sort of life, and as such, have begun waging a war on literally everyone who isn't the billionaire class.

They want to bankrupt the rest of us, and they'll suffer big losses themselves if it means they can accomplish this, because they don't want the filthy peasants to be anywhere near them. They want it all for themselves.

And I think the worst part of it is, the biggest offenders are the ones who didn't even earn their filthy amounts of wealth. They're the ones who gained it through corruption, and other shady means - such as politicians and other world organization "leaders' like the WEF goons.

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What happened, why is the EPA still raging on?

If you haven't noticed the trend in this administration, they tend to lose any given battle in court, and then say "we don't care what the courts say we're doing what we want anyway and there's nothing you can do about it"

This false admin has been a shining example of why the founders put in checks and balances. But they're just largely ignoring it anyway, and doing whatever they want.

This "admin" has turned into a literal dictatorship.

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All companies/organizations should just start refusing to even interact with them. If the EPA calls up your business, hang up the phone. If they send you a letter, shred it. If they send their minions in person, have them escorted off the property by security.

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Ellen page is not a man, she's a mentally ill piece of shit that can't go two seconds without trying to force her ideology down other peoples throats.

Honestly, wouldn't have even known who the fuck she was without her delusions that she's a man getting into news cycles, looked it up, and discovered a fucking hot mess.

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they can't show the hotdogs, because they'll have to show how last years "hotdog savings" is gone as hotdogs went up 1817349712x

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I've been saying the same thing for awhile now, but I keep getting "It's a private business, they can do what they want, if you don't like it don't use it" rhetoric over and over.

And it just makes me lose all faith in humanity and our society.

Like, if you can't see the problem in that, if you can't recognize the issues that will arise with that sort of mentality, I'm sorry but you're just fucking retarded, and honestly shouldn't be allowed to participate in society.

The fact that a corporation can build a device that becomes common place, household items, and then be like "well, ACTUALLY you have to agree to terms and serivce to use it, even after you buy it, and it allows us to do whatever we want" is just beyond fucked up.

If you seriously, legitimately believe this is okay, the only thing I have to say to you is to go fuck yourself.

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We need to roll this nation back at least 50 years, likely more.

Giving women too many freedoms has always been a mistake. This is why some of the longest surviving societies on the planet have then restricted.

Like they shouldn't be treated badly by any means, in fact, in a perfect world we honor and respect our women as the motherly figures they are, and value their input in things like family.

But they have no business in political decision making. They're far too emotional and irrational in that arena. That's the entire point of why women are so much better at certain things-theyve evolved to be more social, which comes with more emotional stuff, and men have evolved to be more logical, like with work and political stuff.

There's nothing wrong with embracing our nature.

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People 50 years ago also weren't being fucked economically every way imaginable, weren't being invaded by hordes of foreigners at the border, weren't being arrested for political persecution, all while our rapidly expanding establishment cements their power I the form of a leftist dictatorship.

Like, yea, you're right that people have been saying this shit forever, but you fail to recognize the fact that our society is so polarized, we're so conflicted, there's so much hatred an animosity, that we're literally on borrowed time.

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The USSR fell because it became untenable. It was economically fucked and corruption had run so rampant that it was literally crumbling.

In many cases, even actual govt buildings that had been erected in the name of communism, had been abandoned and were literally rotting to the ground.

Any sort of vote, public debate, or other foem of "democratic solution" you might think was the collapse of the USSR, was in name only. It was figurative and was only one of the many side effects of the collapse that had already started.

There is no voting your way out of that. It always ALWAYS ends with genocide, collapse, starvation, etc.

In many cases all of those things together.

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Yea, it's really more like once Marxism sets into your society, you can't vote it out. You might cut the head off of the hydra, but 7 more show up.

It's such a pervasive ideology tjat it starts being taught in literally every institution and industry as if ots just the "accepted facts".

Yesterday I had to attend a mandatory meeting at work, where corporate pulled in field locations to talk about DEI.

They put a man on stage with all of the cliche talking points, about white privilege, black and brown people ei g oppressed, native Americans having their land stolen from them, and even ended it with the stupid picture of people standing on boxes to show how we need equity.

Anyway, he was a perfect example of how it's the ideology itself that's the problem, not such individuals who buy in.

They're just mouthpieces, they just parrot buzzwords. Because thats what Marxism does, it brainwashed stupid people I to repeating rhetoric and feeling like they're morally superior.

I was asked to leave yesterday, after the guy said "lots of research proves diversity and inclusion increases profits, productivity, and innovation", and I just raised my hand and asked "what studies? What research? Can you cite examples, and provide data on their research methods, such as what focus groups were studied and what kind of controls were used?"

I was in the process of going on to state that it's all bullshit, ehen one of the HR guys came over and got in front of me, waving his arms and told me to leave.

This ideology is everywhere now, and it cannot be reasoned with. It allows zero dissent or questions, you must blindly accept and parrot it, because that's the only way it even stands up.

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Oh, I see, we're just throwing word salads together in which we accuse our opposition of being some "-ist", again?

Cool, that's easy - "Being pro-abortion is being racist".

Wow, look how easy that is! You can just lob statements and accusations out without even remotely backing any of it up!

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Because "climate change" is one of the largest grifts in the history of humanity. It's one of the lefts primary ways to funnel money into their pockets.

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That's always been my biggest indicator for bullshit.

It's like, if you found something that was so earth shattering it was actually a REAL "bombshell", you'd be screaming from the rooftops immediately. If there was really some crime committed, that as so horrible it was the "worse insurrection in our history", you wouldn't just sit on that shit for prime-time TV, you'd be exposing it as hard and wide as you can.

Any time you hold onto some sort of "revelation" so that you can get more TV ratings, and get people to tune into CNN, it's nothing but bullshit.

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It won't be funny, but it might be the wakeup call this fucking nation needs.

When peoples daughters, who weren't no bigger'na squirrel, get drafted - and then expected to fight on front lines like everyone else, but can't even hold up a machine gun, and start dying in massive numbers, maybe people will realize what sort of bullshit they've been supporting.

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Congratulations, you've taken the bait hook, line and sinker in regards to the gun control debate.

Do you also think people go to "gun shows" and just buy anything they want with literally zero oversight?

You do realize that the overwhelming, over-fucking-whelming majority of crimes aren't committed with "legally purchased firearms"? People that commit crime with firearms have almost entirely acquired the weapon through illegal means - outright stealing them, buying stolen weapons, buying weapons from south of the border, ground off serial numbers etc.

There's a reason the majority of gun-related crime has a certain "kind" of gun. They're almost never brand new firearms in good condition. On the other hand, there are plenty of piece of shit hi-points with ground off serial numbers, crack-guns (old and unreliable pieces of shit covered in duct tape etc.).

Most people imagine gun crime being a bunch of kitted out ARs and AKs, but the reality is, it's the cheapest of the cheap pieces of shit that get into the hands of criminals through illegal means - NOT legally purchased firearms.

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I have no doubt the guy had a fucked up childhood, just look who his father is. You don't need to know anything else to understand that, at a minimum.

That said, you know who else had fucked up childhoods and still came out like normal people? Millions of other people on this planet.

Having a fucked up childhood isn't an excuse for being a piece of shit as an adult. Like, sure, we can empathize with what they went through, but at some point you have to grow the fuck up and get yourself past it.

He never did any of that. He enjoys being a piece of shit, because although daddy might have ruined his childhood, daddy is also rich and powerful, and he'll look over anything, ANYTHING to stay connected to daddy, and by extension, keep a piece of that wealth and power for himself.

Oh, and by the way, this isn't "victim blaming" (or whatever other concocted rhetoric the left likes to use to excuse people like him), it's simply stating facts.

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People keep posting this sort of comment like they expect those who posted it to care.

The thing is, the only people that cares about this type of hypocrisy, are the people here.

The ones who actually say this shit don't give a fuck. They don't care one bit that you're posting their hypocrisy. To them, the ends justify the means - that's literally something the left has said over and over.

If they get to be fucking tyrants, it doesn't matter if they're inconsistent. It doesn't matter if they're amoral. It doesn't matter if they're corrupt - the only thing that matters, is that they "win" and get to lord over you. Everything, everything is fair game to get there, and they give zero, ZERO fucks about you "exposing" them.

This dude won't even acknowledge this. Neither will the others like him that had the exact same rhetoric.

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This guy is just a huge scumbag, no denying it. Like, it's so crazy to me that he's politically connected, has so much corrupt money backing him, and somehow he STILL lives his life like a street crack head.

I mean, my god, he acts like he's a fucking gang banger or some shit, BIG wannabe "thug" energy from this retard.

He's also fucking stupid for constantly filming and photographing himself. Like, jesus christ how goddamned retarded can you be?! If you're going to be in that corrupt politics world, and do all the shit he does, why on EARTH would you film it and then just leave the shit on your phone, laptop, etc.???

I swear this dude has done enough drugs to fry his brain or something. You don't end up that fucking pathetically retarded by accident.

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As much bullshit as this is, and as much as it would piss me off -its one of those situations where it's a blessing in disguise.

If they'd stayed employed there, the owners would obviously have a problem with them based purely on political ideology. They would have held them back in their jobs, persecuted them, and just downright treated them badly.

Now they know what cards are on the table, and can go work somewhere they're appreciated. Better yet, start their own firm and start taking away the previous firms clients and put them put of business.

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You should encourage him to move. Tell him to sell his shit so that he'll have money to live on for awhile, so that once he figures out he can't just become a citizen by walking across a border somewhere, he won't have jack shit.

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