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if the shoe fits.

And oh trust me, I will continue to suck Desantis dick bc he’s a guy who follows through on punishing his opponents and actually knows what it takes to win.

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This is how you know the masses all think alike. This shit is getting to be exactly like Reddit with how they NEED their world view to be the right one. No one will admit mistakes.

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I had some idiot tell me Desantis was a psyop. Like he went through all the shit you said AND got trashed over being with his wife during her cancer treatment.

I worked for the State since he became governor and I can tell you 100% he is not a deep state shill, a psyop, the establishment or any other bullshit label these morons put on him.

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His posts lack an audience. He’s literally just talking to the base. At least on Twitter you could watch those Krassenstein fags break down everytime he posted.

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You are being a little naive here. Desantis is certainly not listening to any soros affiliated shit. Where are you people coming from. Did you joy just watch what he did for the last 5 years? I mean shit.

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He’s giving attention to DeSantis bc that’s his only real competition. It’s the same reason why all these cucks jump all over anyone who questions this.

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So either one of two things is happening.

Either A) she is too stupid to realize public opinion means dick anymore when it comes to upholding laws or B) she’s just another grifter looking to stay relevant after a loss.

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You’re just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks. So you’re telling me Desantis was a psyop that just so happened to be the most hated governor in the nation and pushed back against all the psyops that this group of faggots is still talking about today. Yeah you’re a dumb fuck kid. Stay gay faggot.

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Oooh. We got a badass faggot over here. You getting paid to stretch your asshole this far?

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Lol. No they aren’t. People here get too wrapped up in what THEY think. You’ve got to remember the average person isn’t following the political discourse like people here and they aren’t interested in the specifics. They get a very general sense of the world from their algorithm driven news source and pretty much believe whatever they’re told. People are fuck and they aren’t waking up.

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Bc the point of this site is to create complacency.

Every bit of conservative media is designed to be submissive and instill fear.

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Yeah! They’re dealing with people who meme all day and sleep all night while they let communists take over step by step.

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