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Watched the whole thing, on 1.25 speed. Not only laid out the plan clearly and effectively, it also laid out exactly how and why it will fail.

In short, while corruption can put men in power, it cannot keep that power. All we have to do is:

  1. Stand your ground

  2. Do not comply

  3. MAGA

That's the plan.

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It's hard to blame a man for stealing to eat. Who knew going in that they would, after so much effort, be put in this position? They didn't sign up for the military, or some other life-threatening position. They signed up to be a Dr. and get paid to do that. Now a Dr. has to choose between sacrificing himself for the greater good, or just doing what he's told and feeding his loved ones. It is a terrible position to be in.

I pray to God for a wise man to step forward with righteous answers.

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Wow... very sad to read this.

The "pandemic" was a very rude awakening to the fact that many people have been trying to sound the alarm for a long long time. Now we have to figure this out all at once.

I'm so ready to learn the truth about this stuff, but am also afraid of going down some bad stretch of road.

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Nice, concise explanation of what happened. It's challenging to find the information, but it's out there. The 1899 Merck Manual lists treatments that are called poisonous today.

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Frankly, they shouldn't even take the bare minimum. Wouldn't it be nice if some red state announced that they are financially seceding from the fed? Other states would follow and there would truly be a red-state/blue-state division in the country.

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Please elaborate: need to find a parallel health system.

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Literally nothing they say makes any sense.

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So, where are the babies being delivered? Oh, that’s right, 84% of pregnant vxxrs miscarry.

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I don’t even believe that most Americans got the VxD. They are lying about everything else.

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"Racist" only works because everyone who is still uncensored will gasp and clutch their pearls when they hear that someone is accused of it; unless the accused is one of them.

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Windmills are just like the VxD and the masks and a woman's choice. The left isn't doing what they're doing for the reason they say. For that reason alone I resist them. If they won't say what they are up to, it is because they know that I would resist them if they did.

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This passive-aggressive tactic is what everyone is resisting. We all know that they are up to something, we just don't know precisely what that is.

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Let us not be surprised to find out that the bulk of this $28M came from the government, elites, or somewhere else fishy. It will only come out in a small headline several weeks or months after no one cares. Oh, and we'll also hear that no one knows where the majority of the money went.

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