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This is a summary judgment, which, if the Democrats push it, will run all the way to SCOTUS, where they cannot dismiss it for standing. This forces the issue into the public eye, just in time for Trump to finally step onto the national stage and prosecute the election that was stolen by the pedo and his globohomo allies.

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  • They lied about the origin of the virus

  • They lied about masks, twice

  • They lied about hydrochloriquin

  • They lied about ivermectin

  • They lied about infection rates

  • They lied about recovery and death rates

  • They lied about 2 weeks to stop the spread

  • They lied about the vax stops virus transmission

  • They lied about the vax saves lives

  • They lied about unvaxxed hospitalizations

  • They lied about natural immunity

  • They lied about herd immunity

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"If Biden gets in..."

This guy was not leaving anything to chance. Like dealmakers and successful salesmen with regard to closing a deal, "Don't count the money until you have it in your hand."

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I would definitely NOT eat that food.

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I hope you're right, bc if it's a protective wall then Brandon is about to launch more pain on the nation. A lot more.

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Who could have imagined a future so dystopian that protecting the feels of the weak would cause so much damage?

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Looks like the whole world is backing away from Biden and SCOTUS.

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They are certainly not apologizing as much as they are shifting the narrative. It is time to move on from COVID and try to prepare for the midterms.

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These people are so transparent: they are shifting the narrative so they can say that they have been the moderate ones on the vax, masks, and lockdowns and call us extremists. They will just do it, and prate and prance as though they were never vicious evildoers.

Just wait until you family members start to contact you and act like they didn't treat you like a leper for refusing the mystery shot.

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Psyop is all they have. And, frankly, it isn't working as well as they'd like.

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Accurate. Keeping the fieldhand neegs in line.

Kamie is not black and her fam trafficked slaves through dee-eyelands-mon, so she feels quite comfy in this role.

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Like a fantasy scene from the movie The Joker.

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Citizens are the problem. They complain and nothing changes, so they complain.

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So, this is what Fauci means when he says, “That’s different.”, in response to Steve Doocy’s question:

Doocy: “Should everyone in America get the vax, no exceptions?”

Fauci: “Yes.”

Doocy: “Including migrants who cross the Southern border.”

Fauci: “That’s different.“

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…fully vaccinated

The definition of fully-vaccinated changes every few months. The definition of fully-vaccinated is different in other countries.

“Fully-vaccinated” is so tainted and politicized that it is ineffective at best and meaningless at worse.

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The climate crisis has Texan bullets.

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“Mean tweets” is whine-code for “effective opponent”.

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