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Then you know nothing about makeup, and all the brow devices available today. Bone structure looks very similar and yes, it can look different depending upon how much weight you carry. The teeth look the same, but as women age their lips change size and their smiles are not the same due to aging.

May not be the same person, but the nose is exactly the same,

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Not sure this is good. The domestic terrorists live in DC and work for the FBI and DOJ

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No worries. If you’ve been inoculated for smallpox, you're immune. And even if you get it, you get well. No worries at all.

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Only printed on the side of cars on tv. They do not take an oath to do either. They are there to mop up after the crimes.

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They are not to enforce anything. The job of police is to arrive after the crime is committed. They do not serve and protect. Not their job.

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Interesting that he ignored Trumps AMERICA first as echoing Roosevelt. Which he did, and does.

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Uhm, nope. But you have to be fbi to be so offended, need a safe space? And you’re blankie?

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For ivermectin too you can order buyivermectin24.com

Both sites sell it but all day sells normal meds for things like BP and diabetes.

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Quite literally, right on the bed.

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Shouldn’t we call it ASSpox? After all, it’s gay men spreading it.

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1968 specifically, when civics was removed from the education curriculum.

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And the rest of us carried a shotgun in our cars or trucks.

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Uhm, this is how you get monkeypox…

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She’s a whore. A straight up whore, who is now going to get monkeypox since you know, gay boy sex.

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Men today talk big and do nothing. Apathetic. The only ones with balls as big as Texas are the ones over the age of 60. They’re the only ones who will do anything even close to revolution. The younger ones have no clue. Of course there are exceptions but in general the younger generations example is what the world will become,

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