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USA is being ran like Chicago. Step outta line, get whacked

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Why did they stop counting the votes when they knew they would have more votes to count ever in an election? Corona virus provided cover to pump mail in Ballots to pump Joes fraudulent numbers. Abolish the federal government, arrest the true seditionists, and discharge proper punishment. Let them swing

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The Spicy chicken sandwich at Popeyes is better than the Chil Fil A shoe polisher’s

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The irony is his supporters wont touch the vaccine with a 10ft pole, but his sworn enemies brag about taking it. Freedom to choose is never bad. Private or public enforcement/coercion is unacceptable.

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Trump hasn't bragged about taking his vaccine. I bet he didn't even take it. He needed it bc half of the country wanted it. A True Representative of ALL the people, even the ones who hate his guts

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Jan 6th was a peaceful protest. Free the political prisoners.

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All the “hacks” seem to be quite convenient and in perfect lockstep with the radical left and deep state’s agenda. You are an absolute waste btw

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These people need to swing

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U aint TRULY AMERICAN until you absolutely hate your government. FOOK OOOFF

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Fuck the f b i cant breathe. Eat my cold hard dick

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Are we gonna commemorate January 6th forever?

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If u zoom out on the original pic, u will see all the fuck faces. Pro tip

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Whats under the shirt is made in America

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In reality, Trump was the one who received the most votes in history. This is why the theft in November 2020 was so easy to see. Happy Memorial Day to all the humble patriots out there. Luv yall

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This guys hands are too small to even give a fuck about what he is saying. Chyna is asshoe

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