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Leftists all scream about college needing to be free and what not. The only education past or concurrent with high I’d support being free is trade schools or similar programs. The issue if that were to happen would be that it’d depress wages for those jobs though and most already have ways to learn that knowledge very cheaply.

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The isolation is no joke. My grandma lived in an assisted living facility and my entire family seriously believes that one of the reasons her memory declined so rapidly that she had to be moved to a memory care center is because of the isolation from other residents and family.

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I hate the argument “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” mentality. However, I’d make an exception for anything that has to do with the people and process that is meant to represent us.

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So the Oregon Dept of Education wants to make sure no student from their public school is able to get into any post-secondary learning? Sounds like they are creating the communist ideal of a permanent serf class.

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And that’s why Biden doesn’t like it, if he could string a sentence together. Biden has been cheating and lying his whole career. In other words, he’s a career politician.

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Hey now! Bologna actually provides nutritional content! Don’t sully it’s name by comparing it to Biden.!

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I wonder if that applies to teaching it/having departments of it in public universities. That’d be a nice way to cut the head off the snake.

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Since Trump is a public figure, he’d have to prove that those papers acted with actual malice, which is that the papers knew the info was false or with reckless disregard to it being false or not. Both of those things are very difficult to prove.

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She better give up her title if she wants to get involved in the federal government. Foreign Emoluments Clause in Article I, Sect 9 Clause 8.

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On election night, Rep won district 2 by like 30 votes, Dem demands recount and wins by 15, recanvassing is done, some computer and other errors are found, and Rep wins by 6.

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Yes, the early Muslims (post Muhammad) also expanded on the Greek ideas that they preserved by a lot. Those same Muslims would also probably be beheaded by the religious zealots that came after them.

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What does slavery have to do with me when my family immigrated here and then FOUGHT TO FUCKING END IT?

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People clearly don’t know who Rush actually was, even beyond conservative praise.

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I can only think of two people I’ve actually cried because of their passing. One, is obviously, Rush. He has done so much for his community, and by that I mean the community he grew up in. Most people will never know his personal contribution to his home.

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A politician can stay in a position if elected in the general election with more than 60% of the vote maybe?

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Convention of states could cause term limits.


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What would be better than censure is barring those RINOs from receiving funds from their local GOP in future elections. If they are so wise and represent their constituents so clearly, then they should have no problem with funding.

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In weather like this, it is important to check on neighbors. Building community relations is one of the biggest ways to redpill and repair some of the damage the MSM has done, and it’s the decent thing to do also.

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