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The owners of the church should use whatever force is required to protect it. I don't agree with their beliefs, but they have the right to them so long as they're not doing specific, enumerable harm to someone.

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I like to read these parts of the Bible:

Christians can rape their slaves so long as they don't resell them.

  • Deut 21:10-14

Christians can give away their slaves to be raped and murdered.

  • Judges 19:24-29
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Just trade one ignorant cult belief for another. Sounds legit. Once you're intellectually compromised, it's easy to believe in just about any nonsense.

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So the commies are admitting in public they use blackmail of homos to do their political bidding. Check.

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All religions are cults and all cults are death cults.

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A statement from your "loving" God in clarification of how much he loves everyone:

Christians should murder all nonbelievers

  • 2 Chron 15:12-13

Christians should murder all blasphemers.

  • Lev 24:14-16

Christians should murder anyone who attempts to forecast the future.

  • Lev 20:27

Christians should murder anyone who sins.

  • Ezek 18:4

Christians should murder the sons of anyone who sins.

  • Isaiah 14:21

Christians should murder curious people.

  • 1 Samuel 6:19-20

Christians should murder homosexuals.

  • Lev 20:13 and Rom 1:21-32

Christians should murder all non-hebrews.

  • Deut 20:16-17

Christians should murder children who hits a parent.

  • Exodus 21:15

Christians should murder anyone who works on Sunday.

  • Exodus 31:15

Christians should murder anyone they don't recognize near a church.

  • Numbers 1:48-51

Christians should murder all males, children or otherwise, after winning a battle.

  • Deut 20:13

Christains should murder anyone who "curses" their mother or father.

  • Lev 20:9

Christians should murder a bride if you find out she's not a virgin.

  • Deut 22:21

Christians should murder anyone who worships other gods.

  • Numbers 25:1-9

Christians should murder children who are disobedient.

  • Mark 7:10

It's okay for Christians to commit genocide if God commands it

  • 1 Sam 15:18

Christians should murder their virgin daughters in sacrifice.

  • Judges 11:30-40

Christians should murder babies by smashing babies against rocks.

  • Psalms 137:8-9

God murders every male baby in a nation to extort its people.

  • Exodus 12:29

It's okay to murder under age boys if they call you names.

  • 2 Kings 2:23-24

Christians should murder infants and rape their mothers.

  • Isaiah 13:15-18
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I don't know why we have to keep repeating this to people:

It's not incompetence. Incompetence is their plan. Their plan requires you to believe that the current system is so utterly corrupt, so utterly insane, that you'll accept ANYTHING just to make a change.

The "anything" they'll produce is totalitarian world dominance by a small group of oligarchs with power over your life and death.

Every time you use the word "incompetence" or the phrase "clown world", it means their plan is working on you.

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Since Christianity is just a sect of Judaism, and they are both fake grifts used to milk money from stupid people and to keep people ignorant about the real world, I think you know the answer.

Religion is a hoax invented by people who want you more focused on imaginary boogeymen and fake nonsense than in how they're stealing your wealth and freedom.

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Anyone boot-licking for police or the military doesn't understand how either works. You don't get promoted for competence. You get promoted for doing lame-ass training and doing as you're told without stepping out of line.

You only need marginal intelligence but you need 100% capitulation to authority. In the past 50 years or so, you also got promoted for having a vagina or a non-white skin color.

So this really shouldn't surprise anyone and at this point, only the cognitively impaired support the military or police goons. Their only job is to keep the current people in charge and to keep you as cattle/slaves.

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Says the corporate media shill company that gets money from Soros and others...

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Terrible advice from imaginary sky dude.

Better advice: seek psychiatric help and embrace reason. You're a man. You'll never be anything but a human man. Anything else is denying reality in favor of nonsense...Kinda like what cults promote.

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Fake DJT Indictment

Bank failures

Tik Tok

Mentally ill trans homos in the news

Every day I see more and more people ignoring the single biggest mass-genocide event in human history in favor of the News-Cycle-of-the-Day.

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Do you live in Nicaragua or something? Environmentalists have been making sure there are close to zero chemical additives used in water treatment everywhere in the West. Most jurisdictions use high-power UV and physical filtration now. Some still use some chlorine-based chemical products, but zero fluoride.

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Now talk about how alcoholism doesn't make you stupid...

Smoking weed all day every day isn't 'making you stupid'. It's making you high. Drinking all day every day is literally destroying brain cells.

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Now explain how almost no jurisdictions in North America or Europe use fluoride in the water any more (and haven't for decades).

The only other source of fluoride would be the tiny amount you might have in your toothpaste or dental treatment. And if you're swallowing toothpaste or the goop the dentist give you, you're a moron.

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I've done better: I've read several versions of it and have come to the same conclusion.

Here's some good advice for you: make an earnest attempt to understand what you're reading and read some good science like evolution and the rebuttals of what the religious cults are trying to fool you with then apply some critical thinking and use some logic.

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Also from your cult brainwashing fiction:

144,000 Jews will be going to heaven, everyone else is going to hell

-Revelation 7, Revelation 14

So keep kneeling and go to hell, retard. LOL

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Your "witnesses" were members of the cult and have never been asked by independent people to prove their claims.

Your "evidence" doesn't exist. Your "rebuttal" (pathetic as it is) doesn't provide any evidence to support your irrational screeching.

You're justifying membership in a cult that promotes murder of anyone who doesn't believe your nonsense.

Wanna try again?

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We need to get over this nonsense about lying. Lying can be moral or immoral depending on the specific circumstances.

Lying to your wife is usually immoral.

Lying to anyone else (including your children) can usually be justified but isn't a great way to engender trust between people who need to have trust-based relationships.

Lying to protect yourself from your enemies is perfectly fine. Why would you tell your enemies things to help them defeat you?

And let's be clear about the difference between lying and "not telling people things they have no business knowing." Keeping information to yourself isn't lying.

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