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I think about rome like 4x a day lol

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Makes you at least poor at spacial awareness.

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That doesn’t look like Vanguard Group

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Lol what. If there was a nuke and you survived there would be plenty of land available lol

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Unlike some others with skills to discuss complex topics, you have none. You sound exactly like a liberal screaming racism without any thought involved.

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I have had 3 open heart surgeries and pay around 35k a year in taxes. How many years of tax revenue would it take for my surgery?

What is the pure logic about pooling money to defend your country compared to pooling money to defend your countries health.

I mean if you all were anti military spending as well as healthcare I would understand, but your not. Why are you more okay with your tax dollars being spent bombing foreign countries but not okay with it being spent helping your neighbour beat cancer? After-all, even for the economically motivated, bombing a foreign countries reduces the nations bombs gdp, costs thousands or hundreds if thousands of dollars in explosives vs enabling another citizen to regain health and reenter the work force.

I mean your argument about private vs gov for death panels etc doesn’t hold any weight after your medical companies strong armed the world with covid.

Please do tell.

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“Banksters” is what I like to call them.

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You be careful I got downvoted by low Iq retards who do not understand english language.

Democracy just means peoples choose.

Republic is a form of democracy where people choose president, senators using rules set by their constitution.

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Blackjack and poker at least have human elements involved. Blackjack the dealer can still go over 21 and poker, someone wins every hand.

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They were playing off 300 and you ruined it.

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Its basically this or the world collapses on itself and intercontinental travel ends and in few thousand years, the countries on earth will look as they did 100 years ago.

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We are firmly in the feminine democracy phase of society’s downfall.

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Remains to be seen. Currently they are going all in so we won’t know the result until they win or lose.

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