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They never call Kanye a liar.....

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All talk..... He's like the less white Obama

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You'd like that faggot..... Miss me with that gay shit

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8.25" x 6 for real...... Un cut

Not your larp butchered bastardized version of gods creation.

Girls prefer it natural. Built in ribbing as god intended.

I was educated in Nebraska and I've already posted my Intertel card so miss me with your stories. Hunters isn't 10 inches it's maybe 8.5 at best and is obviously the product of Jelqing and Pumping. Mine is all natural. Only dummies would be impressed with his creation. There is a mexican dude whom got his to 24 inches. It's not impressive when you have to make it. Male version of fake tits.

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You can call me daddy.......

Or master because you've been owned.

Still waiting on 5.

You can't, because it's not possible.

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I've already made 5 white babies.

Not going to do the wife thing.

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I'm swimming in black pussy and I'm the opposite of a socialist.

Storm fag is a low IQ quip for people still burying their heads in the sand.

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OG Lululemon founder originally said he would never make xl Lululemon....

They got rid of him.

Also hanging out near a Lululemon is the best way to pick up hot chicks

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If you can list just 5 times it is not I will give you a medal.

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Lots of pedes on here were Bernie Bros at one point. It's a process for some. He's asking the right questions and he's evolving.

I voted for Bush once.

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Would love to have these guys at neighbors.

I bet you can borrow tools and don't have to worry about them stealing.

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It was the peak

1997 was the peak IMO but I won't argue with anything in that ballpark

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