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No thanks on mcdickinass. Just keep voting no.

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He took a blunt hit to the chest. Chances are he experienced commotio cordis. Extremely rare and would be right with you guys if not for the hard hit to the chest.

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None of these people have to answer for crimes. They don't have to answer why election machines went down and why ballots had so many problems. They sit and think of ways to laugh in our face. The AG doesn't give a fuck. Our judges don't give a fuck. None of the Republicunts give a fuck. They could have forklifted pallets of ballots into Katie Hobbs office directly onto a tabulator , doesn't matter if no one gives a an ounce of a fuck and every law enforcement agency refuses to do their job. What can Kari do but threaten with frivolous lawsuits?

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Fuck the republicunts. Bunch of spineless caving pussies

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I wish people had the balls to chimp out like the left do. Just once.

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53-47 numbers don't match but the fix was in from the beginning

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Who fucking cares. We didn't win. The establishment did. They will continue the nonsense. They'll reach "across the aisle" like all republicunts do to never get the same.

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More "we fucked up well get em next time" nonsense.

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Dude it's over. Nothing will matter. You think any court or any gop pundit minus trump give a shit? Our country has fallen with the weakest whimper. People no longer decide elections, media and printing companies do. It's been real.

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Been that way for awhile now. They come here and completely poison our cities with this shit. They move from California, and vote for the same shit that made them leave. The population replacement is on a mass scale in some of the rural areas too. See more California license plates than Arizona.

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Everyone but eazy was a studio gangster. 90% of rappers these days are studio gangsters or industry plants. Problem is, kids don't realize that it's entertainment. Some are real and some do flood their neighborhood with jewels and guns and cars. But most of it is all fake.

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Either there's justification for murder, or there isn't. Tell yourself what you want about retribution. No picking morals because you disagree. Should those executioners be judged by God for violating thou shalt not kill? Wasnt their right to kill right? Or is it only okay because you said so.

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Rape fantasies? The fuck does that mean? You think people just don't get raped or something? No I don't think unborn babies should be killed for any reason. I'm not pro abortion. I don't believe rape babies should be forced on people. That's it. Nice try though!

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Uh huh.....so someone's daughter that gets raped, had 0 choice in the matter, didn't chose to have sex, laid there as someone violated their body and possibly threatened their life is the same as the whore down the street? Sure thing. You can be against something, and realize there might be times when you may disagree with a choice. Is it not up to God to be the judge? Do you believe in the death penalty? So murder is fine for the state right? Right when you think it is? Same argument and just as stupid.

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Doesn't change my answer. Still a forced baby. She happened to get raped within a few days of ovulation so it's half her baby? By DNA sure. If she wants to carry it, great. Should not be forced to.

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