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Why do you want desantis instead of Trump?

He’s just another bush stooge. Voting for another bush stooge is a very not smart thing to do and you know it.

Don’t be a dingus bro come on.

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Yeah but spreading fake news is lame.

When people share this and others see it’s fake the people who shared it lose credibility. Facts are* on our side so they have to get us to spread fake shit so people won’t listen.

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Shut up retard.

Edit: Sorry for using offensive words. Anyone who can’t see Trump was right and needs to be reelected deserves to be called that at this point.

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We’re still voting for him though because he did better and will do better than anyone else.

Stay mad, dingus.

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Everyone fucking knows biden didn’t win that 2020 shit show for real.

Go into any barber shop, even in heavily blue cities and you’ll see.

Everyone knows.

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Nah its more that lesbians tend to gravitate toward sports.

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Honestly I see way more CNN here than anywhere else.

No one takes them seriously anymore. They’re a joke.

Why obsess over their dumb ass headlines?

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The leftists here aren’t the same as the leftists I was talking about.

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Maybe edit the comment that says “no one is celebrating that” cause even you have to admit that’s not the case.

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I know some people like to pretend lefty idiots aren’t people and don’t deserve any empathy but if you have friends or family there’s a good chance you happen to really care about some lefty idiots despite the fact they have bought into the absurd TDS anti Trump narrative.

Donald Trump would almost certainly admit he has plenty of lefty idiot friends and family members who he loves. “I wish they would stop believing the lies but I still love them.”

I’d even bet a lot of people here reading this right now were lefty idiots at some point.

These threads making fun of sick people and celebration of people dying is not what MAGA is about and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the people pushing this all the time were just lefties pretending to be Trump supporters.

They do that kinda shit. There are countless examples.

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If u/fauciouchi is right would it be so bad for DeSantis to take over after Trumps second term?

You don’t think there’s any chance they’re working together? It makes the most sense from their perspective of you think about it.

Trump first. Ron has a lot of time to prove what he’s about. MAGA2024.

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It wasn’t biden. Dude has no clue what the hell hes doing.

It’s the people who have been in DC forever. The people Donald Trump has been warning everyone about for idk…the past 8 fucking years.

Seeing people blame an obvious scape goat is weird.

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Imagine if they teamed up with James O’Keefe.

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They have to keep up appearances so people like you will continue to fall for their shit.

Trump 2024. If desantis shows he isn’t a dingus rino he can run in 2028.

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