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This shit enrages me to extreme degrees.

Either let me die and be with God, or let me live my life and fuck off from it already.

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Which people have been saying since they started trying to roll out rushed vaccines.

The propaganda is too strong to break through. People just want the MSM to tell them what to believe.

God, it's soul-crushing to see this country burning down around me.

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Don't forget that all of that stuff is definitely Trump's fault rather than their own.


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Everyone knows the election was stolen. Everyone.

People on the right know it.

People on the left know it but choose not to admit it because they like the result.

People on the fence know it and stay quiet because they're afraid.

This "presidency" is a farce.

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I used to do a lot of heavy duty outside work here in the Phoenix area.

I never, and I mean never got used to working outside in 115+ degree heat. No clouds. No rain. Just suffering.

I hate the weather south of the Mogollon rim.

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Arizona resident here.

House was bought in 2018 for $350k.

Just started the refinance, now valued at $500k. Projected to go up to $600k in the next couple years.

We're planning on getting the hell out some time soon, because AZ is now becoming California 2.0 to be completely honest.

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They won't stop until they assassinate him, man.

This is ... frightening.

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Jesus. Going after people that are that old is just vindictive.

These are events that happened basically a lifetime ago. Just let the last few people from that era that are still alive live their lives.

What is this fascination humans have with inflicting misery on other humans?

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You're not wrong, but you are spamming. Dude, we've all read at least one of your comments by this point. Lay off it a bit.

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From what my folks told me about Carter...

I'd prefer that sack of shit over Biden.

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It's important to recognize the failures in our history as well as the successes.

Slavery was a HUGE mistake. Not only is slavery a moral failure, but, like you said, a stupid decision -- even after its abolition -- that has caused nothing but trouble for America as a whole.

If it's racist to speak the truth and point out uncomfortable facts about the world around us, then I guess it's time for me to put on a Klan hood. I refuse to give in to the Party; the sum of two and two remains four.

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"Maintain humanity under 500,000,000"

So... do they want to just kill 7,100,000,000 people?

Boy, they're setting their sights on the high score for Genocide.

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I'd like to see reporters include sections at the end of their articles like scientists are supposed to at the end of their papers.

Analyze your own biases and any potential flaws in your methodology. Disclose those biases and potential flaws.

Give the reader context for your work.

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Amendment number two.

The founders anticipated that the American government could be corrupted. They put a safeguard in place.

It's just that we've been demoralized and are therefore incapable of taking action.

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Your boyfriend, with no disrespect intended, should be JOINING you.

I personally like using the plague doctor mask because everyone agrees that the bird beak design did NOTHING to stop pathogens. Just like a little piece of cloth over your mouth isn't going to stop pathogens. Masks ameliorate surface contamination and help you not spread anything IF YOU ARE ALREADY SICK..

Anyway, I strongly recommend getting some kind of mask that is obviously trolling. Lets you comply with local ordinances but also make it clear to everyone around you that you know this shit is stupid.

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My friend and I have taken to wearing the most disconcerting masks possible whenever we have to go to a place that actually enforces the mask mandate (most places around here just ignore it).

The biggest hits so far are the plague doctor masks and the gas masks. The people who know this whole thing is ridiculous know that we're absolutely taking the piss out of the mask mandate. Those who don't know it's ridiculous are terrified but can't say anything because we're following the ordinance.

Malicious compliance when compliance is mandatory by necessity. Willful noncompliance whenever optional.

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The biggest mistake the MAGA movement has ever made was in underestimating our enemy.

They have connections, they have power, they have the media to run interference, they have all of Silicon Valley.

The fight was NEVER going to be easily won. We snuck in under the radar in 2016 and gained momentum before they knew what hit them. They didn't make the same mistake in 2020.

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You should write up a No Fear Shakespeare version of The Declaration of Independence for the modern fool.

Besides making the original purpose clear to those who can't tell, it would also be hilarious for those of us who went through school when they still taught about the Declaration lol.

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[...] and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

People are too comfortable these days. We've got the internet bringing everything we need right to our homes on demand, just a few keystrokes away. We can even order groceries to be delivered.

Some people through this Plandemic have not left the house at all in nearly a year. Never before in history was that possible.

It has become very easy to suffer the evils of our government because we are SO DISTRACTED FROM IT.

If this had happened before the digital age, I think it would be a much more violent response.

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Gee, I wonder why on God's green Earth they might be throwing more illegals into Texas?

Could it be because they know that if they go full 2020 in the next election, people will start taking notice?

In that scenario, the only reasonable way to ensure that you can continue to cheat your little black heart out is to import as many new voters as possible. Economic ruin be DAMNED.

Hell, once you've secured power for life, then you can rebuild the wall, round them all up into box cars, and ship them back over the border.

Presto-changeo, you've got a Communist dictatorship that the people have no chance of ever dismantling on their own.

We are VERY close to the edge.

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Honestly that's the part that sets off alarm bells for me.

Family Court in NYC sides with the father? There's got to be more to this than what she's letting on, because I have personally seen the family courts award sole custody to a woman that was on meth and unemployed over a father who was a damn fine man, but working a low-paying job.

Apparently the court felt that an unemployed meth-head woman would be a fine mother as long as she got half of what little the father earned, but giving the child to the father so she can benefit from ALL that he earned was unconscionable.

SOMETHING is rotten in this story.

*Edit: Changed plural to singular. Gotta match your cases.

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Fuck it, monocle it is, I'mma talk to my optometrist.

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