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Probably the best looking terrorist I’ve ever seen

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Renee Montoya as the question is a good character. Alan Scott was an ok character. Batwoman is ok. Being gay is the least interesting thing about all of them

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American communists is pretty catchy

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White pill moment

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You people sound like the left. All I asked for was the tiniest amount of critical thinking. Even the biggest trump supporter in the world would be able to think of something he did that they didn’t like. Thank you to you guys who gave a real answer

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They just can’t seem to understand why he appeals to working class people so much

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You people like taboo culture that they’re parents consider dangerous. Stuff like this will only get more popular with time

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He should stay quiet for at least 2 years. It sucks for us but it’s the easiest way for the establishment to eat each other alive

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Her career is based on opposing whatever the GOP is doing so progressives will still vote democrat. With democrats controlling all three branches of government she will have to start fighting pelosi and Biden or risk being seen as all the other corporate democrats. Glen greenwald pointed this out

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