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Are you sure?

Here's some great research regarding Walt and Disney as a whole.

It takes some time to run through and opens some rabbit holes, but it's very enlightening...

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Know your reps, hassle them, then vote them out.

If things get bad, well, then sometimes reasonable/unreasonable things

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borrow a truck borrow some gas borrow a sod cutter MuH sOd cut freely Sell grass for profit.

it IS californicashit after all!

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the messages weren't from the SH time period. That's the fun part, they had nothing to do with the case.

I think that's the ultimate play here.

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If Elon wasn't a grifter, he'd just pay it all and buy him stations to broadcast on with all other truth tellers.

But he's a shill. Time for a real billionaire to put it on the line and just destroy the propaganda outlets.

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When you take any money from the government, they own you.

The difference between private and public property.

They own him so it's no surprise, I haven't trusted him from the beginning but it was entertaining.

KrisAnned knows what she's talking about, educate yourselves 'pedes!

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Yup that's a fantastic sight and fun to dig around in.

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Nice! Congrats patriot!

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I ordered one, time to restock a few other supplements too.

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