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Retired Colonel, episode 1700, 30 minutes, listen. They know.

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Did a skype with a group of old, I mean OLD frens I never would have spent tonight with, or probably any holiday.

Well surfing here too during... so, :)

It was blessed.

Merry New Year 'pedes and FUCK COMMIES!!

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Ignore the image of Barry Chowka and Diana West Image...

It's Col. Lawrence Sellin PH.D. U.S. Army shooting Red Pills.

If this site cares, this NEEDS to be stickied for a WEEK. Watch then decide Mods... seriously. Old 'pede out.

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Click on Episode 1700 (the latest), hit play.

It's 30 minutes that needs to change the World.

Sit back, listen to this Patriot Veterans plus 'pedes, and either get scared or pissed. Or, both.

F all the bickering, here's the receipts. Pay attention now.

Prepare accordingly 'pedes.

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I'm trying to care but I don't.

Wait. I'm not even trying.

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I once had TSA find a 'tweaker' screwdriver with an extended shaft that found it's way into the folds and padding at the bottom of my laptop case that I had been missing for 3 years. I had flown the whole time with the same case, and it was at a small ass airport like Syracuse... damn you'd thought I was going to take over the world.

Next case for me was my same laptop case testing positive for 'residue'. The only thing in there was multi-layer carbon copy paper from a printer from a customer's jobsite which must have triggered the 'swab'.

Fun fact, at that time, that screw driver was still buried in there and they didn't find it.

Fucking clown world indeed.

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Stack silver and some Gold!!

The banks are robbing you along with the government.

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