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Globohomo upset the plans to inject everyone are failing

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i want to give these guys money - Im donating if they have a spot

Much better than the RNC, keep it up boys - do all of these pharma execs

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Agreed, I had it - a fever at best, it was just a power grab as others have said.

Although, the elite / globalists over at the wef lead by klaus scwab do intend in usher in some kind of dystopian future where they have complete control of your body, movement and speech. A vision where you own nothing, they tell you what job you will work and control every aspect of your life is what these people get off on.

Remember, slave…you will own nothing and like it…. - world economic forum

I listened to a psychologist talk about the last two years and the mass indoctrination they have executed. The masks were the beginning, an integral part as a constant reminder of the fear.

Once the vax starting rolling out we saw psychological response in those who were susceptible to it, one of elation that the fear was over. They were tricked into taking something, an experimental vax for a virus in something in the 98-99% survivability range.

Now, since we know the vax efficacy keeps dropping (they said it was 99% at first, now 60 and falling) we have the psychological response to blame those who have not fallen for the mind control, they see them as a threat to their own safety.

Sadly, many of these people never enjoyed their lives pre-“pandemic” and now have associated their anger toward a tangible target. These people will likely continue wear masks and become cult like, as was the hopes of the elite from the beginning.

The only thing we can do is stop complying, this is only over when we say it is.

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this is exactly what happened, abbot is pandering

the thing we need to remeber is they have been relentlessly attacking our way of life the last two years now

its our turn, its time to get involved in local gov, ignore the federal gov and reject all of this covid stuff. We need to get both sides on the same team now, we can end it.

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If this is true, thank you..i’m at a regional now..always wanted to fly for sw, thought my career was ending before it began.

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please, everyone do this

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I love you guys!! At 00 right now, you guys are making me proud

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Never have read any Ringo,

yeah, you are probably right that would be the more likely thing to happen, the vaxed would be part of the true believers in the state…killing the critical thinkers and the disobedient

this wouldn't make sense but maybe that is the elites thing, they hate the “sheep” and they want to kill them off as unworthy?

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thank you 👍

yeah this piece was in 2006-2009

kinda misleading post

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great comment, my thoughts exactly. We have learned the gov can circumvent all laws through private companies. No need for warrants when companies can scan phones because you signed a user agreement when you set it up.

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lets see, Inflation is increasing and they want to print up 1.2 Trillion. Hmm, sounds like the controlled implosion of our economy.

Pretty clear now,

  1. Enter the WuFlu -

a) Lockdowns and the subsequent printing of fiat to devalue and to reduce personal wealth.

b) lockdowns kill small businesses and at the same time help corporations that are complicit in pushing the narrative that the measures for the virus are needed

c) Bills are passed to increase gov dependency for unemployed workers

d) hedge funds buy up as many properties as possible increasing the prices of houses and hedging against the coming collapse

e) bill gates also becomes the largest owner of farmland in the US, preparing for rising food prices and a collapse of the dollar

f) Push a vaccine which really doesn't do anything. The end goal was never about the vax itself but the vaccine passport which will evolve into a social credit system

(currently being implemented in many places, eg France) even with their citizens protesting heavily

  1. continue to devalue the dollar through massive spending bills and regulate crypto (the only other place for you to hide your money)

  2. Eventual collapse and restructuring of the global financial system. Crashing the dollar is the top priority here as the reserve currency.

Did I miss anything?

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man, mel is cool.. hope he makes this

Apocalypto was great

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These things happen, nations rise and fall.. we are in the decline stage. The world will be a pretty dark place for some time with china being the big dog on the block.

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