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Overweight old guy dies close to the average life expectancy.

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Yep. There's zero chance of them going Paul Volcker and actually fighting the inflation.

Anyone with cash should try and convert it to something else beyond an emergency fund. Gold, silver, guns, crypto, land, stocks with actual value. Anything will be better than dollars once other countries realize we'll never stop printing.

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Climate change will be blamed for new disease variants that rip through the mud bloods.

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I worked in a restaurant for a while where a lot of the cooks were black. One was half black half white. They called that guy yellowbone and were about as mean to him as I've ever seen.

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They still have a considerable Muslim population. Over 200 million.

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Hey mods! Trump curse flare for our dedicated lady vax regret miner!

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If we're still trapped on this rock in the next couple hundred years we'll be scrapping the bottom of the barrel for metals unless we can somehow figure out how to get to the mantle.

More likely we'll be mining asteroids and more. In the billions of years we're talking about here who knows.

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Hah true. But if I recall Mongolians do generally have the enzyme that helps break down alcohol. So she just needs to request a Mongolian or one of the many Chinese descendants of the mongols I suppose!

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I wonder how many Chinese political prisoners livers have been transplanted into Pelosi.

Does getting a new liver impact your alcohol tolerance I wonder too!

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There's one of these near my house. Each morning I go out and take all their covid testing this way signs and throw them in a random dumpster. The next day the signs are back.

I'm sure I've made some local printing shop a few bucks!

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Well that problem is likely to sort itself out. :)

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In this case no, or at least not that we know of. Guy on the left was looking for a white person to kill. Girl in the right worked in a store guy on the left walked into when he found what he was seeking.

I don't think they'd met previously.

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The only body double they could find also has late stage dementia?

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Ever watch kids in elementary school walk down a hall? Half of them run their hands along the walls and then stick their fingers in their mouths.

Elementary schools are petri dishes. Which is fine because kids normally have strong immune systems that also need to be exposed to pathogens to further strengthen.

Or we could cover them with masks, hand sanitizer, and experimental mRNA injections. What could go wrong.

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Lol. This guy looks like the so called missing link between apes and humans.

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Some percentage are vaxxholes who feel like they're on some great crusade.

Most are just dumb people who still trust the media.

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Less than a hundred years ago this guy would have already been strung up.

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Almost every time Trump walked out to Marine one or wherever he'd give an impromptu press conference.

He was far and away the most available president to our media.

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Tell me more? I'm struggling to think of how Ukraine is significant as anything but a physical buffer.

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I'd hope for Taiwan's sake they're churning out as many anti shipping missiles as they can while they still can.

Glad I got my t91 upper already. :)

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