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That's a recent rename. They called it Global Warming exclusively. Had to memory-hole that after none of their doom and gloom predictions came true.

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Linux is compromised: A couple of years ago Linus Torvalds "disappeared" for a few months for "sensitivity training", was only allowed back in charge after completing it.

If you truly care about privacy and security use OpenBSD.

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I don't think they'll manage to kill him: The previous four leaders embraced the Globohomo agenda for relief funds. They died because their countries where compromised - Much easier to infiltrate.

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most based distro

cough Systemd cough. Mint is the Neocon of distros.

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KFC is there: his body is 60% tendies

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How much of our tax payer's dollars did it take to hire Quentin Tarantino to manage their Flickr account?

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Rand Paul yes. Not the neighbor that sucker punched him.

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The "Scan Me" is a nice touch: I actually did so, link to patriots.win

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Top Kek master troll but fake news: if she took the vaccine she would have had a miscarriage

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Xiden's new "climate change" plan allows you to eat up to one burger per month and a total of 4lbs of red meat per year

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I'm sorry Sir, But 2020 is the first model year for the C8 'Vette. Would you trade for a front-engined 2019 C7?

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They are grifters. Both of them -

From ACVF's official FAQ: ACVF is not “ideologically pure,” but a balance between performance and advocacy: https://acvetfs.com/faqs/

And if you look at their actual largest holdings you are buying Apple, Amazon and Google https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/fund/acvf

The MAGA ETF is not as bad, way more based holdings wise https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/fund/maga

However, 0.72% expense ratio, when you can buy the individual stocks without commissions, is way too high. Their total assets is less than 10M which is very dangerous / volatile.

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Get Woke, Go Broke.

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As I replied to another comment - The "He was not the first president to take such a spill." is real. The "Mostly False" portion is a shitpost.

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