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Give her a licken before a dicken ya chicken

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I thought worms were good for full digestion and stopping you from shitting actual bricks

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We are Americans, they are Chicom slaves

You might want to sit down for this one...

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To be fair. It'll be mostly the Chinese equivalent of us affected. Not the commie pinko faggots running the shit who deserve it

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There's this family in my area with a little produce stand that sells mostly stuff they grow on their own farm, and their prices are half that of local grocery stores and the produce is just as good if not better sometimes.

Then one day I noticed on their checkout counter, taped to the side of the register, you know what a I saw?

An American flag.

Fucking liberal commie grifters I swear, will they stoop any lower?

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Trump was literally a democrat till 0bama

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Buy fart spray

Find her mask stash

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Only one function should ever be used in ballot counting

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Norway has lower taxes than US IIRC

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You're thinking of Shooters. Just Shooters

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Then trump runs for 2024.

Thanks for 10 years of Trump, Dems.

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It would have never gotten to the point they'd need thousands of gallows

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Why dont you tag along your local GayTF raid and see how it goes?

You might find some of us are quite adept at ventilation ourselves

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ATF should be aware not all gun owners will cooperate peacefully.

In fact, probably few will.

Act on that warrant, and be assured people will be acting on their 2nd Amendment rights.

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