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While heating elements do burn a ton of power, I think having them running only while there is precipitation will still be a net reduction on consumption. The problem however is installing hundreds Of thousands of heating elements, which make pollution to create and also will cost a fuck ton of money offsetting any gains from the LEDs.

Clown world on display

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Lol, they can’t get any smaller packaging to hide the value of what you buy there. Now forced to just raise the price. The rolls of paper towels for a dollar can only get so small.

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It all leads back to Barack Hussein Obama

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The Hispanic kid getting found innocent is white supremacy?

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Eric Stoller - Wear a mask + get vaccinated.

What a colossal fucking loser, and even bigger pussy

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There was periods where the laptop screen was displayed before video was pulled up. You could see programs and other files in windows explorer. 100% the rotund guy was going the computer fuckery while fo-hawk was barking orders.

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Anything Rodney dangerfield was in. 👌🏼

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As a rule, I only watch movies and shows made prior to 9/11

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Looks like it landed in the 6th circuit from the lottery. There are certainly worse districts.

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This novelty is over. I don’t know anyone that consistently uses their bike after the excitement wears off in a few weeks. Just a money pit and another (expensive) subscription service

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Where’s that foxy cop that was on the stand today?

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“I do not recall”

“I do not recall”

If the swampthings taught us anything, you don’t need the 5th. You just need to not recall

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The left? It’s not a left or right thing. It’s a ruling class thing, letter in front of the name doesn’t mater.

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Instead of the Rodgers rate give the the Rodgers regiment

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