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It does. They're not just going to let random people into the low population utopia.

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If you believe that the planet is being destroyed by waste, gasses, plastics, or whatever bs excuse they come up with, the obvious solution is to reduce pollutants (or whatever item you believe is destroying the planet).

Mandating more efficient vehicles, factories, etc will reduce output. Now wait 50 years, and earth's population has doubled. You must now mandated twice as efficient of processes to maintain the same pollution output... Now double population again... And again...

If you believe all of that, you realize efficiency is just kicking the problem down the road. Population growth will eventually kill the planet.

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Eugenics is the obvious solution if you want to stop global warming. Think about it.

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The goal was to throw the election into chaos and force a constitutional crisis to kick off a color revolution.

The fact that people still think Biden won means it is working better than their wildest dreams.

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Was it Jeff Sessions that caught them all? Or Bill Barr?

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To determine the motive, you first must determine which countries alphabet boys did the deed.

The Saudi royal family owns the top floors of Mandalay Bay, so they are a natural suspect. Though that's also a good reason that another organization would want to use the Mandalay Bay - shift blame to Saudis.

To me, it reads like sending the message of 'look we can operate with impunity'. Still not sure who the recipient was though.

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If you absolutely must wear a mask, be sure to choose one that fully covers the eyes. That way it actually does something useful - conceals your identity from cameras.

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(because they have to appeal to female voters as well)

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Nah. Ccp doesn't snitch on ccp

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Rofl. This is just like vegas... The claimed attacker was dead before the alphabet boys did their dirty work and left the body to take the blame.

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Because they still made $160k profit on the deal and are laughing at you while you make them rich.

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Run it up, then cancel the debt.

by mehname
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Rofl imagine still thinking the courts care.

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