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Nah he can't be killed, he'd go down as a martyr.

He needs to be tried for crimes against humanity, convicted, and spend the rest of his miserable life in jail.

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And isn't the top one Riley Reid?

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"Experts say" is the scientific equivalent of WH's "anonymous source familiar with the thought process"

With enough money you should be able to find "experts" who will claim your shit smells of butterscotch.

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Should make a Grosskreutz one too and just shoot it in the arm

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Places where 90%+ of the population is vaxxed/boostered

Hospitals overwhelmed

Should make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm if you have more than 2 brain cells.

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If it was a white dude wearing a MAGA hat, bet your ass the Dems would blast that 24/7

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Exactly that. I've asked many times and nobody was able to answer that.

-Someone is at death's door, why would you refuse them the chance, however small it may be, to save their own lives by taking Ivermectin?

Of course they ignore the question and attack you directly. They'd rather people die than be shown ivermectin actually works. Because it would force them to admit they've been played for the fools that they are.

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Imagine being afraid of a HAIRCUT.



There are literally very few things more inert than hair.

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It's typical of these subs. They will drown you into meaningless babble while also downvoting you enough to set you on a timer for replies until you basically just give up and then they have their good old echo chamber back where nobody dissents.

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How these things go:

All scientists agree...

"Well actually, I don't and here's wh-

Banned, erased, charged, convicted and jailed

All scientists agree..

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I didn't check the list of deaths, were there any among the top leagues, or are they all from fringe leagues?

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I'm pretty certain the North American pro athletes were given some saline shots instead of the vaxx. Can't have your superstars keel over.

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Just walk in wearing an ICE cap and coat, the place will be empty real fast.

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Would be more efficient, you can definitely fit more folks on that plane than in a chopper.

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In my CCW class the teacher told us we could use the B.A.R.K acronym to easily remember when you can use deadly force if your own safety isn't in danger.





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You can make all the parties you want but until Dominion and its likes are cleansed from the face of the Earth, elections are near pointless.

Especially if you split the red vote two-ways, it'll just make their task easier.

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