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Are we to deny testosterone to biological women who are mentally ill and believe themselves to be men?

Sounds Transphobic.

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Semiautomatic encompasses like 95% of firearms too.

The statement is absurd.

All weapons used by police and military are semi-auto

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Meme game is on point.

  1. Buy Twitter
  2. Post Spicy memes 3?????????
  3. Profit https://twitter.censors.us/elonmusk/status/1594509880840388610
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Scream you want Trump to start tweeting again without screaming it.

Can't blame Elon. Twitter traffic has been rocketing since worthless woke activists left.

If Trump started tweeting, it'd double. Maybe triple!

Traffic would go to heights nobody has ever seen before!

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Truth Social is trending on Twitter right now with 30k mentions in past hour

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I hear ya. I'm mostly just on Gab or here.

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End Moo Privilege.

Cows don't have enough rainbow & Ukraine flags in their bio.

For that, we must feast.

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It's Happening!

& I'm pumped about this even if 2024 is stolen!!

It's all about the fight.

We live to fight.

FRREEEDDOMMM https://gab.com/a/posts/109350927153271969

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We took Nevada Gov. By a Trump backed Sheriff who wants to make it hard to cheat.

We have a lot of solid wins to celebrate.

Corporate press is crying about how 130 members of the next House have made public statements on the 2020 election being stolen.

The show continues. Move to a deep red state.

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There are dem areas.. They're just not as populous as the largest more conservative city(Billings)

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When Wagner lost did the corporate press hype up his association with Romney(or whatever other rinos he hung out with)

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Via RCP.. Idk why they call it a hold when MT used to only have 1 seat.

The dem in my district lost by 46% *

Where elections are fair, dems get wasted!

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