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What's crazy was she wasn't even joking when she made this - she's staring into the camera with her most try hard, psychopathic sincerity; hoping somebody will be inspired to do it.

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From my experience in accounting, I can only say that audits can take anywhere from a few hours - to literally months.

You're also highly unlikely to be audited if you make less than 300k - maybe the new goons will change that, but currently - you're just not even on the radar if you're sub 100k; its not even worth paying the agent to look through your shoe box lol.

Assuming an average turnover of 2-3 days - and a 5 day work week, most agents are probably clearing like 8 of these a month.

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Yeah that's what it sounds like to me. Tyrone probably teed off on her one too many times and she stabbed him in his sleep.

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No kidding.

She went straight back to the bar after killing him, too. What a sociopathic skank - I can't imagine how humiliating it must be to have her be the last thing he saw.

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What is it with black people and paying white prostitutes? Then posting brags about it?

Really weird - everybody knows no sane white woman would actually have sex with a monkey.

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Niggalo7 needs to be hunted and brought to justice.

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STupid whore getting wet to this. This is what's wrong with this generation.

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Its always some cocky braided whore doing her Cammy cosplay.

They would not pull this shit in a Muslim neighborhood.

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China is already WAY ahead of the USA - and has been for decades.

We're only just now beginning to realize the depth of their strategy, because its being flaunted right in front of our eyes. Its too late.

What did we expect to happen, really? America has an average IQ of 95 and caters to literal sub human orcs. Obviously China would easily overtake us.

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I can't wait until these idiots finally degenerate America so far that people are straight up killing each other - it'll be so awesome to see them get massacred.

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I am arguing with myself? Ok non-person.


Bald + fat Non-person.

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No, seriously - your logic is retarded.

How are you going to "Cull poor people" by denying food to people who literally don't have food?


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This literally makes zero sense.

Africa has been subsisting on bones and cow piss for literally centuries.

Stop talking.

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No, bro - you've just bought into some dumb ass shit, which unironically sabotages your ability to be taken seriously by people who matter.

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