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Most strong, brave men died in the back-to-back World Wars. We like China now -- only weak, submissive men remain and they raise their sons to be likewise. Perpetual cycle.

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Kyle Rittenhouse should never been charged. He lost a year of his life, tormented thoroughly.

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By chance, is he a Baby Boomer? "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." That age group could have lost weight and eaten healthier -- instead, their fears of death have motivated crude sacrifices onto the youth. The Baby Boomers have condemned the younger generations to waste away indoors, submit to unnecessary (and harmful) injections and lose their identities behind bacteria-culturing masks.

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If she is willing to say such "indirect threats" while recorded, imagine what she is willing to confess in private.

Our military has been poisoned. One step at a time, to recovery.

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  • "Be better"
  • "Do better"
  • "Who hurt you?"
  • "We are better than that"
  • "Actually..."

Just some more annoying phrases

  • Worst one: "...and that's a good thing"
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Preferably not. President Trump only helped Twitter amass its fortunes and cement its importance on the world stage. President Trump ought to have switched over to Gab (or any other competitor) in 2016.

  • If he had, perhaps Twitter would be no more influential than Tumblr or Reddit.
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When has a lack of evidence ever collapsed a narrative?

  • Liberals, especially media personnel, still refer to President Trump as a Russian spy/asset.
  • Liberals still push global warming/climate change/climate crisis as an imminent threat ("in just 10 years," said in the '70s, '80s, '90s).
  • Liberals still push COVID-19 as an apocalyptic pandemic, despite the lack of deaths outside of the elderly (80+ years old; above average age expectancy) and the severely immunocompromised.
  • Liberals still advocate for flimsy masks as a great defense in this "pandemic." Instead, the moist masks that are worn for 8+ hours will make for a great breeding of bacteria.
LOL by d_bokk
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It is no longer about the money; it is all about the message.

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Fantastic! Another episode of the ongoing "The truth about..." series by Stefan Molyneux.

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Save your anger for her handlers.

  • While she is now of the age of adulthood, she is a representation for fetal alcohol syndrome and grooming. Do you attack the puppet or the puppet master and the strings?
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  • Reclaiming lands lost in a truly pointless war. --- Danzig belongs to Germany.
  • Defeating opposition in combat only after exhausting the peace option with a faithless party. --- Churchill (and other globalists of the Chamberlain cabinet) would never permit prolonged peace.
  • Rising up a country from the horrors of hyperinflation and degeneracy, embracing instead national pride and fair banking. --- Globalists would never permit the competition or isolationism to persist.

In the armed conflict, one side dropped two atomic bombs on two cities, causing the death of over 100000 civilians, and created a firestorm over Hamburg, killing 46000 civilians. Those three cities were essentially wiped out.

Good, bad, asshole, saint -- history is just shades of gray.

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The lie was known long ago from the leaked Hillary Clinton emails. Her weakness was her "softness" with Russia (i.e., accepting bribes). Typical political maneuver: Accuse your opponents of that which you are guilty.

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Yes, angry but mainly wanting action to counter or reverse all this crap.

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Craft breweries have been pretty much absorbed by larger conglomerates. With beer now voided as an option, perhaps coffee merchants/roasters have become the alternative path?

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And best you keep yourself that way.

  • Notice that, once a person starts drinking coffee, that person must drink it every day. Exceptions exist, sure.
  • Coffee is addictive.
  • If a habitual coffee drinker stops, a headache can result at the time when he would have usually drank coffee -- like a biological reminder to drink coffee, always.

Just drink water.

t. Coffee drinker.

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Would he actually have such sensitive and important information in his possession? He is quite scummy (and not bright)... So would he not have already tried to use whatever information he held to avoid punishment?

  • I predict that Avenatti will kill himself -- no Clinton suiciding required.
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Such behavior is as would be expected of a high-level Democrat candidate... The only shocking difference is that Avenatti was caught and punished.

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The wall -- if not entirely -- ought to have been of this sort of solid structure: Really gives the statement of "Stay out -- if illegal."

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