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Ya I'm not some ministry of info here. I know from personal experience with my wife. She wanted to and did until she ended up in the hospital with pre exlampsia post partum. I did not want her pumping med laced milk for my kid to consume. She needed to relax and get well for our son. Also, until you can grow tits and feed a baby, don't say it's lazy to not want to do it. It's a 24/7 endeavor.

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Many want to and cannot for various reasons. It's not always a for sure thing.

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He dated her apparently. Is the crop of women so bad nowadays that a crazy ass liar like Amber Heard is being wined and dined by a billionaire who could have a literal harem going on?

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He's a friggin billionaire. He won't lose any job or his wealth over this. That's the magic of 'fuck you' money.

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All these octogenarians need to retire. Term limits and age limits should have been written into the constitution itself. Absolutely ridiculous.

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It wasn't even as bad as some colds I've had. However, that shit was definitely man made. Weird symptoms. Varied widely how it affects people. Lab leak of a bioweapon for sure.

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Imagine how lonely and sad they must be. Grinch like.

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Some folks in here bitching need to ask themselves....What Would Trump Do? He would not be an absolute heartless dick over the tragic death of a 2 year old. I know that much.

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Mine just had a tantrum over going to sleep... I just scooped him back up for another hug.

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Have to agree, sadly. Every tragic incident involving children that I know of personally included unsupervised youngsters. Baby girl didn't deserve it.

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When we were shopping for houses, I refused to look at any house near water or that had a pool. I told my realtor that as the father of toddlers, there's no way I could sleep or relax there with them ever.

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I always say that if there's silence for more than 30 seconds with a toddler, something is wrong and you need to check on them.

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Lord hear our prayers. Please give strength to the parents of this child.

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I don't think this will be enough tbh.

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This made me laugh. I voted D exclusively before Trump. I repent daily.

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Ya I'm wondering what chainsaw wielding lunatic did this....doesn't look even remotely proper. Women with breast cancer who have had mastectomies have neater scars than this.

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Also, many may not know, but Waukesha is a mostly white lower middle class/working class city area with a woke and libtard university campus plopped in the center of it. The narrative doesn't work by showing up there.

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That won't do shit and she knows it. The cops aren't allowed to actually do their jobs and the prosecutor won't prosecute.

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