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Fuck all these guys and their fucking mindless “policy”. They all deserve a bullet.

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It was embarrassing how all the networks including Faux and Mewsnax openly treated Biden like a child ballerina doing her first dance solo, just for having a news conference of the kind Trump did nearly twice a day everyday, and with less stage-managing.

Also notice how the controlled opposition substituted ‘gotcha’ questions in place of actually difficult serious questions. Were those ‘pre-approved’ as well?

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They’re not rejecting abortion— they’re rejecting the old privacy-based individual body-autonomy justification for it, that protects medical patients from state-enforced procedures.

If it was about protecting fetal life, they could simply do that almost anytime.

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Not sure, but there’s an astronaut behind you with a gun about to say something.

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The Vaxx and mask mandate madness is not over, because we didn’t kill it — either by nipping it in the bud by a Supreme Court properly acknowledging individual rights, or by making conditions impossible for it to continue through overwhelming mass noncompliance.

Now it’s metastasizing and spreading into other systems — and like other cancers, the necessary intervention gets more destructive, severe, and damaging the longer it is allowed to spread.

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This. It’s far passed the time when any off us should shrink for fear of labels being thrown, or join in the sanctimonious criticism of people who are getting dirty fighting our enemies.

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It’s not over because we didn’t kill it — either by nipping it in the bud or making conditions impossible for it to continue.

It’s metastasizing and spreading into other systems.

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Russians & Afghanis: Nyet, is woman’s sound for make announce soup finished! Or child shepherd call goat for water like so. Man with beard to make real celebrate, you see? — tatatatatatatatatata! You see? Okay!

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If only there was a group of people with the sworn duty to approach disease with dispassionate honesty, unflinching commitment to scientific validity, and the welfare of patients foremost, with the credentials, education, and income to weather the blowback of showing some courage, who might have done something about it.

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This guy looks like swamp-slime personified — like John Kerry cross-cloned with Joe Biden and that guy who always plays the Devil in Stephen King TV movies . Thank God cancer cured us of that before it grew any bigger, and we only have to deal with the demented big guy and his addict meth-fried minded demon brother.

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All 99% of “plain” women have to actually do is learn to wear a smile, adopt a classically flattering clothing style, and learn to be somewhat charming or at least pleasant company.

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You painted a picture with words — somewhat like Diomedes Being Eaten by His Horses by Gustave Moreau, but a picture nonetheless!

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You need to work on reading comprehension. Don’t they have classes for that at your madrasa?

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Read the italicized text within the definition. It clearly describes reasons why the movement is secular. Surveying empty opinions is useless and pointless, and your method for doing it is retarded.

More relevantly, it demonstrates that your meme is flat-out wrong — pedes can process and consider the issue, and already have.

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They don’t engage in conceptual reasoning.

They mindlessly repeat phrases they’ve seen or heard connected to particular topics, until they bring their emotional state into congruence with the one modeled for them on the Device and TV signal.

If you interrupt this process for an extended period of time, the signal zombies will become enraged and violent, or sometimes hysterical and sobbing — what they WON’T do is work through the issue logically and calmly — EVER.

The forum fart-sniffer signal zombies, the above-such-things signal zombies, the just doin’ muh job signal zombies, the disappointed in you signal zombies, and all the other varieties, though each expresses a different apparent reaction, are in actuality running a same rote response mechanism: they’re repeating a phrase they see often in the venue they habituate, one that was effective at stopping arguments back when they were a living, thinking being. They’re not really applying it to your argument — they don’t want to even try. They just want you to be silenced so they can return to a state of reality-denying smug self-satisfaction, social conformity, topic avoidance, self-righteousness, anger, resentment, victimhood, etc.

Whether you stop arguing, or get mad and “lose” by making an outburst (which lets them activate a well-worn innocent, reasonable victim routine), or get shouted down, downvotes, censored, banned, arrested, purged, or shot in the face makes no difference, as long as they can conform to that emotional state.

When you prove a point or lead them down the road to a conclusion, they will end the conversation at the earliest convenient moment, and in the very next hour revert to the same state as before, almost as if you had never had the conversation that proved them wrong.

There’s a test you can do to prove this for yourself: Present them with a nonsensical but confidently-stated made-up argument (it works best if you can co-opt a few of the bumper sticker slogans or other phrases they are familiar with, rather than introducing novel concepts) that gives them an ‘out’ to acheive the emotional state, and they will take it.

Drumpth is the strongest topic for the signal zombie effect, as the OrangeManBad message is the most often used and strongest imprinted brainwashing focus — but muh Vaxx is quickly catching up.

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Why do you go around repeatedly asking this same question regardless of the answer being provided?

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The general pattern is to advance NWO and U.S. Destruction policies during “lame duck” or “failure” presidents, run fake policy opposition that reverts to identical policies in office, issue pardons or stymie investigations of previous administration scandals, and attempt to remove popular independent men using fake scandals, impeachment, election fraud, or assassination)

McKinley ran on Gold standard, assasinated by anarchists, replaced by Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt championed progressive movement, succeeded by his VP Taft

Taft ran on Skull & Bones, oligarchs, and tarriff reductions, defeated by Teddy Splitting the vote to deliver a win to Woodrow Wilson

Wilson brought League of Nations, WW1, race segregation and income tax, FTC and Federal Reserve, stroked out.

Harding was first ‘popular-vote’ Senator, won nomination with convention shenanigans, corrupticrat, died of heart attack.

Coolidge secretly sworn in upon Harding’s death, squelched brewing scandals and maintained a subdued style with deregulation that led to roaring twenties.

Hoover inherited the Great Depression he had helped create as active cabinet member since Harding, promoted big government as “volunteerism”

FDR won on progressive “New Deal” to fix government corruption and economic depression, enacted policies that prolonged both, stayed in power running against bland republicans and assassinated alternative democrat challengers.

Truman rose to president from VP upon FDR’s Death, maintaining growth with internationalist foreign policy and WWII military industrial complex

Eisenhower ran against Truman’s corruption scandals, but continued Truman’s policies and protection of communists despite “fighting” them abroad, pushed NATO.

JFK won on charm, assassinated as he began to make changes.

Johnson took office and was subsequently elected, brought more big government and immigration.

Nixon won on law and order amidst 1968 riots, framed by deep state, replaced by inept VP Ford

Carter beat Ford gaming campaign finance laws and running on ‘love’ and ‘trust’

Carter Flopped, lost to Reagan on public rejection of leftist weaknesses

People loved Reagan, Bush1 tried to assasinate him but hid it from public

Bush1 elected running as “Reagan2.0”, but enacts corrupt CIA takeover, “read my lips”

Clinton beats Bush1 on promises to be a D version of Reagan, sells out to China

BushW wins on public weariness of D scandals, initiates Patriot Act, endless wars

Obama wins on promises to be the ‘anti-Bush’, immediately becomes Bush 3.0

Obama defeats Pierre Delecto as Deep State takes full big data control

Trump defeats Clinton on America First, riggers can’t forge enough fake votes

Trump wins landslide despite full-scale DS attacks, riggers press ‘coup’ button

Installed Xiden destroys country as VP is too despised by public to be replacement

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<Violent Convulsions>

”This is fine”

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Silence, handmaiden! Your overactive imagination is spreading dangerous misinformation contrary to the government man on TV. He will tell us what to believe about your health and reproductive opportunities, not you!

And who told you to remove your mask? In fact, are you even allowed outside? Show us your papers! Has your employer declared you ‘essential’?

Don’t you dare threaten the social cohesion we have built back better after the “reset”, or you will be removed to a camp under the emergency powers — for your health, of course, and for the public welfare. Some rare deaths are an unfortunate necessity in return for social order and safety. And obviously, you must give up your child, for equity!!!

Justice Kavanaugh has ruled it legal, my dear.

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secular (ˈsɛkjʊlə)


  1. of or relating to worldly as opposed to sacred things; temporal

MAGA is concerned with a nation’s temporal affairs, not utopian ideas, citizens’ souls beyond death, or unseen planes of existence.

  1. not concerned with or related to religion

MAGA is built on principles passed down from a Christian heritage, but does not attempt to designate approved beliefs, dogma, or religious ideas.

  1. not within the control of a Church

MAGA is open to people of all faiths and creeds, not governed by any clergy, and not endorsing or establishing of any church.

  1. (Education) (of an education, etc) a. having no particular religious affinities b. not including compulsory religious studies or services

MAGA principles can be reasoned and deduced rationally using human logic and real-world evidence; they require no blind faith, belief, miracles, mysteries, or supernatural intervention.

  1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) (of clerics) not bound by religious vows to a monastic or other order

MAGA has a nationalistic focus including America First

  1. occurring or appearing once in an age or century

MAGA stands in opposition to a globalist-led national decline ongoing since the early 20th century.

  1. lasting for a long time

MAGA is built upon the everlasting principle that freedom, inalienable rights, national security, and prosperity go hand in hand.

  1. (Astronomy) astronomy occurring slowly over a long period of time: the secular perturbation of a planet's orbit.

The MAGA movement was initiated by the greatest modern star of our times.


  1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a member of the secular clergy

MAGA miraculously made a president into a god-emperor

  1. another word for layman

MAGA has raised every working man to the status of “super-elite”

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