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I wonder how many company HRs have sent out emails over white supremacy in the past week, and how many white workers are biting their tongues and have had enough

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This. And their kids content is weird as fuck. Same vein as LGBT grooming content, but with a different angle.

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Luckily there are a lot of formulas out there that are legit, eg Enfamil Pro, but yeah pay close attention if/when the time comes and you need baby formula.

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Ok. So what will happen because of this? Will they be ignored like the Clinton emails and nothing actually happens?

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Maine: You guys have roads?

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Of course Trump is attacking twitter, he invested so much into Truth he wants it to succeed lmao.

Really weird and a shot in the foot that it's only on iOS though

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Wife tells me this when I try to protect my son from LGBT propaganda.

I went from libertarian "let the gays marry and have guns" to hardcore conservative "get the gay shit out of society".

And it's all due to their grooming attempts; in schools, in kids shows like Blues Clues, etc.

If they stayed in the closet I wouldn't have even noticed. Now they're trying to groom every kid they can get their hands on, since that's how they reproduce. Now that I'm a father, I'm on full alert for that kind of shit

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The MAGA crowd that are all farmers and feeding the nation, but his regulations are destroying? Bro.

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She was constantly up and trying to breastfeed to the point she had a mental breakdown that she couldn't feed our son enough. It was rough as hell.

She was able to produce a lot, but our son is a monster that is twice the size he's supposed to be.

Luckily he's at the stage where he doesn't need as much milk/formula and can eat some real food, but if this had happened when he was a newborn holy shit

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New parent here. We tried breastfeeding but she couldn't keep up with our son so we had to switch to formula.

A lot of mothers can't keep up.

  1. makes me wonder about modern diets or if there's something else going on

  2. cutting off formula supplies should make everyone stand the fuck up to protect our children and yet here we are, only pussy hats/antifa marches, and only for the wrong reasons.

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Children are officially starving and still the only ones marching are pussy hats and antifa.

I will never understand this shit.

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The fact there's a baby formula shortage and people still aren't rioting, but the left riots over every black criminal seeing justice, is fucking insane.

Conservatives are the ones that have kids in larger numbers. Many women can't produce enough milk so supplement with formula - like we are.

And yet conservatives still aren't motivated enough to march like BLM and AntiFa do

What the fuck does it take? Our babies are starving, this should be the last straw, and still nobody right of center is even protesting?

What the actual fuck?!?!?!?!

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Fucking THIS.

All 2000 Mules does is string together CCTV footage everyone in the Trump supporter bubble knew about.

Normies don't care and leftists laugh it off.

Those that stood up on Jan 6th were arrested or killed, like Ashlii Babbitt, and the court cases were thrown out.

So what are we going to do? Vote in another corrupt election when most Republicans are just RINOs and Libertarians are a complete and utter joke?

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The hype over 2000 mules is cute.

The evidence was ignored in the courts. People were disbarred or straight up arrested. Ashlii Babbitt was murdered and forgotten.

So they're trying to make a profit by selling a movie using information we all already knew.

Nobody that needs to listen will care about the movie. They'll write it off as conspiracy.

If the ballot box is no longer legitimate there's only one box left, but two years of lockdowns then a stolen election has shown nobody has the balls. Any lone wolves that try are disappeared or killed. All the militias are infiltrated by feds.

So yeah, buy your movie ticket and go to the circus as your country burns around you.

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Dude how the fuck are you still alive, Taco Bell and Little Caesars?

I rarely see anyone at any taco bell, I feel like it's a dying brand anyway, at least in my region.

I went once decades ago on a field trip and everyone on the bus got food poisoning lmao. Never been again.

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Dude, Oz is Mitt Romney with a TV show. Trump endorsing him is really, really, really weird.

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So instead of releasing the data and doing something about it, they made a movie. One that no normie or leftist will ever pay to watch, and will ignore anyone that would pay for it.