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Imagine what that retard said to her after she rejected his advance. It was an advance, don’t be fooled

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"Investors do not drive stock prices. They react to events" This is what will eventually topple the woke globohomo corporations... Hopefully. The professional executives only care about their stock price not about the factories ability to make a quality product at a competitive price.

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No fuck them they can stay there and hold a fist in the air while they get fucked in the ass by BLM. The c-suite at mega corporations support this shit thinking they will be immune because professional executives are cocksuckers with soft hands. They have no concept of what its like to work for their globohomo corporation outside the ivory tower, i hope pensions get to bad enough to make a few jump off the roof.

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And she's going to be surprised when he comes out as as a tranny.

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Should have hung the bankers while they were all there.

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"Benny, taco flavored kisses for my Benny"

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Sorry dawg those side effects are all from the weed.

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