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Not even straight erotica like this would ever make it into a classroom. This can't be a legit story unless we are dealing with a rogue psychopath teacher.

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Probably when Americans start standing up for people who have actually done something instead of staying silent while the media and the courts destroy their lives.

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"You get what you vote for people of America. Don't feel sorry for you what so ever"

See how ridiculous that sounds? California didn't vote for this mannequin any more than America voted for Biden.

California wrote the book on election fraud. They taught Joe Biden's people how to do it.

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Not sure if that's accurate, it's not limited to any one religious group. A good start would be to look at who attends those power meetings with government reps and heads of all the big corporations. Those people are meeting to make a plan that's good for all of them and bad for everyone else.

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You have no clue and have bought into the narrative completely.

Can't afford to move? Anyone with a home to sell is Cali is making an easy fortune right now. Moving out has never been easier for them. Truth is that in Cali, like anywhere else, people with money who work for a living will never support the hard left bullshit. The people have absolutely no say in who gets elected.

California has more wealth than any other state, home prices are the highest too. So either you believe that all of these wealthy people are retarded and simply lucked into everything they have, or you think they are very smart people with good work ethics who somehow go braindead on election day and vote for the people who will hurt them the most. Neither one is true, the elections are stolen.

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You're a fool. If you lived in California and actually got around and talked to people you would realize it's not full of Communists morons most of them are anything but Communist and they are all wondering how in the hell these scumbags keep winning elections. Hint, it isn't legitimate. The registration numbers ate bullshit too.

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No Piers Faggot, YOU are costing lives with your ignorant bullshit. Look at India and then look at the USA and Israel. Tell me which ones have the cleaner/higher standard of living... now tell me which ones have the bigger problem with COVID infections and deaths... now tell me which ones are the most vaccinated and vs which one uses Ivermectin?

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I hope he sues the shit out of this admin and gets his entire pension twice over. They shouldn't be allowed to take it away after so long just because he won't be a pin cushion.

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Bunch of cowards. Even China isn't doing this shit.

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That's exactly what they want you to think.

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Because the 'vaccine' is making more people sick than curing them.

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No they can see through it. nobody votes for that douchebag or Pelosi or Schiff or Feinstein. It is RIGGED.

There was no other possible way these unpopular pieces of trash keep finding their way into office and year after year after year. They have a system and it works.

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Draw and Fifth with five of them, don't forget the head.

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$$$$$$$ it all flows from our corrupt government that is run by big pharma and big medical insurance

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The vaccine is the Delta Variant, it IS the outbreak.

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