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Do you know how low the bar is to become a teacher? Those mediocre (at best) people think they should have total autonomy over America's youth, even more control than the children's parents. It's laughable.

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He shouldn't even have gotten that much. The NFL should not be mandating that shit for the players.

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Fuck him and his piece of shit mass murdering brother.

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What's with the police?

Oh these scary people waving their American flags!

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Tell us another lie, media. Seriously, they think they are helping their cause with these bullshit headlines. Biden gets treated as badly as Trump? Where are the calls for impeachment trials? Where is the endless Russia hoax? Where are the apologists for Hollywood cunts posting photos of Biden's severed head? Where are the articles blaming Biden for racial hate crimes? Shit, I'll be here all day if I keep going.

FUCK the media, every last one of them.

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The people pushing this poison on the world need to pay with their lives and then some.

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LOL OP is clueless if he expects anything from this SCOTUS. They stood by and watched as America was stolen when they had the power to stop it. You think they will have the guts for anything mentioned in the OP's headline?

Good luck with that.

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It certainly wouldn't hurt if they all got routed through Arizona then Arizona would have a much bigger problem and be forced to act

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They always hide behind the bullshit shield of "this is too dangerous for the public to know" or "it's too damaging to the Government, public trust would be gone".

Well, public trust IS gone already and the only way to fix that is to expose everything and bring forth some actual justice. The people running our government and our 3 letter agencies ought not be doing so.

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When Trump was in the White House, The Atlantic blamed EVERYTHING on him. What a difference a fake President makes.

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Dumb fuck doesn't pay attention. The majority of cases reported these days are from "fully vaxxed" people.

"Lars" is going to step to the wrong person and get fucked up.

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Wish it would have snapped him back into reality before he jabbed "the kid"

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Wish someone would loot this cunt's house and see how she feels about it.

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He could easily wear a glass eye but he wants to flaunt it. He's all about calling attention to his one eye so he can get that "war hero" status that McCunt abused so effectively for his entire career.

He aspires to be the next John McCunt.

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EVERYONE in Government at that level is, somehow.

Otherwise they are like Trump or MTG and the entire government on both sides teams up to try and get them out.

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Australian Police are fucking Nazis. No question about it. I'd like to see the US Military go in there and kick the shit out of them all and restore Freedom to that country.

That's exactly what the USA of old would have done when witnessing this kind of dictatorial abusive bullshit.

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