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Oktoberfest at Snowbird Ski Area in Utah is awesome: Beer, brats, fresh mountain air high in the Rockies, and beautiful scenery.

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There were a lot of "Your neighbors must hate you" comments, lots of comments bashing suburbia, and a few "dOn'T yOu kNoW thAt sUbuRban SpRaL is bAd fOr tHe eNviRonMeNt?"

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After that announcent, Brown called his friends and said "All right, which one of you assholes was jerking off on my grenades?"

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I seem to remember hearing that he was harassed by the police a lot after that video went viral. He must have really struck a nerve.

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I know that Trump has said that he has no plans to go back to Twitter and is sticking with Truth Social, but I hope he changes his mind about that. The meltdowns on the left will be hilarious if Trump starts shitposting on Twitter again uncensored.

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Kathleen Kennedy was given what should have been the easiest job in the world: make money off the Star Wars brand. It's mind-boggling how she managed to fuck that up.

by Tesic
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I have a feeling that a lot of those accounts will go silent after the midterms are over, regardless of the outcome. We're going to see a huge increase in the amount of shilling here over the next few weeks.

If I didn't have to work, I think I'd probably head to a cabin in the mountains for the next couple of months with a box full of some good books, good movies, and good video games.

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They say there is a thin line between genius and insanity. A lot of great artists are also very eccentric.

I'm glad Kanye seems to have a good bullshit detector even though he can act kinda nutty at times.

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Ah yes, the old "Insult the audience for not liking your movie" tactic. Because it worked so well for Ghostbusters 2016 and The Last Jedi, and is currently working well for She-Hulk.

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Is that Dude, Where's My Car?

Talk about a blast from the past. It's been a long time since I thought about that movie.

Kristy Swanson was so hot in it as Kristy Boner.

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I like Scotch.

When I hear the words "acquired taste" I see it as a challenge.

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To this day I still don't understand what possessed doggos to let the autistic Hitler-humpers of ConsumeProduct have their own community here. Ever since he let them in it's "joos this" and "joggers that."

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And I want to bang Pamela Anderson if she looked like she did in 1993, but we can't always get what we want.

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You know what the most pathetic thing about doomers is? They act like their bleak, defeatist worldview makes them smarter then everybody else while they actively help the left to win by discouraging others from voting.

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It will be hilarious. The doomers here started performing Olympic-level mental gymnastics when she won her primary after they confidently told everybody that it would be rigged against her. If she wins governor it will probably break their brains.

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She didn't invite him to her wedding because she knew he'd laugh at the sight of two women in tuxedos at the altar. Ed admitted that he would have.

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If I remember right, they had to go find his old commanding officer and take him to the island to convince the soldier to finally surrender.

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Every Republican president since WWII has been compared to Hitler, except for Eisenhower. Even Democrats weren't going to accuse the Supreme Allied Commander of being a Nazi.

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I think the last 5 or 6 FDA directors left the agency and then immediately got high-paying, cushy positions sitting on the board of one of the big pharma companies.

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But he’s noticeably silent on his buddy the cuck, Jimmy Kimmel.

Because he and Jimmy go way back and Adam is a loyal guy. I can't believe some people want him to start attacking an old friend as some kind of stupid purity test. It reminds me of when the media tried to get Mel Gibson to badmouth his elderly father.

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I remember that song was played constantly on the radio after Dangerous Minds came out.

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Remember how Beavis and Butt-Head's principal kept a bottle of booze in his desk because those two caused him so much grief and stress he had to drink during the day just to make his job bearable?

I'm sure Biden's press secretaries do the same thing.

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It's people who have hardly ever been outside of a city who think that way.

They need to drive through Wyoming or Montana sometime. It would blow their mind just how much open, uninhabited space there is.

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