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Hey everyone, I'm out of the ICU now, from recent stint in hospital because of heart issues. Doc says it was stress related. I'll be okay. It was weird being in hospital. I got so bored sitting around in ICU hooked up to all kinds of equipment and IVs, I asked on particularly nice nurse could I please walk around the hospital, so she fixed me all up so I could drag my tubes with me and walked with me all over the hospital, neither had masks, I don't normally think about covid. About five minutes after she had me settle back in my room another not so nice nurse came in abruptly with two foot long swabs. Ack! One up each nostril. My first covid test. Then I was in "isolation" which wasn't really any different except they closed the big sliding glass door. Some of the nurses freaked and thought I was spreading covid all through the hospital. About an hour later the doctor came in and said I didn't have covid. I told him I never had and hadn't been vaccinated either. He slightly chastised me for "dodging a bullet" as he put it but did't prompt me to get the jab.

Anyway. being in the hospital, I decided maybe one thing I could do to help with voter fraud is become a friend to all the nursing homes and senior citizen centres I could get to and get to know the people so when the time comes they will trust me with their votes. So far I have 2 assisted care homes and the senior centre. Guess what Im going to teach them? Chess! I have all the materials as I used to teach chess to elementary kids. I have the wall chess boards with the huge pieces in pockets to teach moves, I have books, I have dozens of chess sets, tournament sets even. I like chess and the people who are in charge of these places so far seem delighted to have me a regular visitor. I love helping people, especially old people and kids. I spent half my life helping kids, now I am moving on to old people. Wish me luck. Come next election, you better believe I will honestly and happily gather ballots from this people. I know it's not much but it's something and it doesn't cost me anything but time.

So glad to be back thanks for all your prayers. Can't wait to get back in here posting again. God Bless you all.

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This is how we go under. Never comply.

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