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Oh yeah, we”re going to get ‘me boys, just two more weeks. Sip, sip. Sip the hopium.

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If it's a female ask: "Have you had you're annual pap smear"

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John Lennons song as it really turns out

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Homeless have super strong immune systems and handle COVID-19 really well.

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Why isn't Led Zeppelin exempt?

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The "vaccine" is imperfect. We've heard figures like 65% effective and 80% effective. This means that the virus is allowed to remain in a person's body. Of course, those that remain develop resistance to the vaccine by altering their structure.

From what I've read, It's not unlike taking an imperfect dose of prescribed antibiotics for a bacterial infection. You kill 90% of the bacterium, but the 10% that remain are made stronger and begin to develop resistance. Some epidemiologists believe that this is what is happening with the virus. So if anything is to blame for variants proliferating, It's might be the vaccines. The truth will eventually out.

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Where is the ACLU in all this. Strangely silent.

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Meme makers are like the little boy in the emperors new clothes story,

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The kid could build that into a term paper, demonstrating with the historical record that communism most often resorts to genocide of millions and ultimately fails. Irrefutable historical facts.

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Holy Schmidt! This will hurt us all. Imagine the world with 2/3s of the people gone. Talk about supply problems.

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A kid’s pickup. Not a working man’s.

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You have perfectly captured the feeling I had with Q.... "Just you wait! We're going to get 'em now boys!" and then nothing happens. There are 2 possible explanations. Q was always a Larp. OR The Evil and corruption is so heinously intense that the good guys were surprised by the depths of it.

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Somehow, I don't see God answering that prayer. Hate is one of those things that he encourages us to abandon and overcome.

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ha ha . Agreed. Flotus is gorgeous. My only beef was the choice of the word "elegant" for the outfit she was wearing in that picture. Elegant would be a shimmering evening gown with pearls. Elegant is the way swans glide across a pond. The outfit she was wearing was more playful than elegant IMO.

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ah ha ha ha.... no nipples protruding..... you gave me a chuckle.

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Perhaps a little boob-forward to be called elegant. It’s hard to think elegance when she’s got those high-beams on.

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I've watched about 6 years of senate and House hearings on various heated topics concerning the criminal activities of the Deep State and each time I am convinced that we finally got them. But we never do. That's because the enforcement arm of the United States government is corrupt and will not pursue one of their own.

Public outcry might arise over what is revealed, which will lead to more attention, and lots of official depositions... but again nothing will happen. The left controls every aspect of our government at this point. So nothing will happen.

The purpose of the Senate hearings is to help the members of the Senate look tough so they will get re-elected. As much as I appreciate Rand Paul and want to believe he is sincere and as much as I wish that Faux Cheese will get what he deserves, He will either get a free pass or he will mysteriously and inexplicably be eliminated. The unseen hand of the leftest cabal is heavy

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