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No they don’t, they don’t have any consequences as you can see

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He gets arrested, normal everyday Americans see this and are now convinced he actually is a bad person, they refuse to vote for him and we lose 2024. Or they just rig it and we have an ex president in jail and a Democrat in the executive office for four more years. Meanwhile our side is raving that this will only help us…

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Then why is he telling us directly to “protest” if he’s got some grand long game? Get your head out of your compium ass and understand what he’s saying

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Because they were kicked out of public school for being so damn violent

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This is the same wording that the theme parks did last year. We all know who they’re talking about.

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The funny part is, they will not live anywhere other than cities. So really, the red areas are locked down and won’t change which is good.

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No, this is exactly what they wanted to happen

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Who cares, he and the Democrats can lie about anything they want at this point

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Xi, could you please wipe out our CIA for us? And then promptly leave and next beer is on me

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Not even sure why it’s still called State of the Union, this country couldn’t be more divided

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This judge should be killed, immediately, and I’m not even joking. Just like this rancher was not joking when this invader entered his estate.

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Rich people touching other rich peoples shecocks

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