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I want biden to run for reelection... will expose their cheating that much more because it'll be even more obvious than 2020, even though 2020 was pretty fucking obvious.

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Is Trump perfect, no, but he's the best choice by far. Ask yourself, if not Trump, then who?

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This is the white house paying "influencers" to push their narrative.

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You like-a da JUICE?

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They might as well, they already fell off the cliff.

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Hope he's got fuck you money, because he's about to never work again unfortunately.

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Trump should seriously fill his cabinet with private sector experienced people who voted for him only. None of these people in DC are on his side regardless of what they say.

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Yes, baffling, as they spend their Pfizer bonuses that they got paid to keep their fucking mouths shut.... medical community is fucking disgusting.

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I think most of us here were aware the GOP getting the house wasn't going to do shit. Trump is the only one with balls to do it, but he can only do so much. It will ultimately fall on the people to do the tough job of saving this country.

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Weall know Mccarthy is a faggot. I'm disappointed, but not surprised at this beta cuck bullshit.

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