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Learn to……. Make an Onlyfans account.

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Unless every fourth person is covered in postules no way they bring back lockdowns again.

All but the most commie are against them.

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Elon tweeted his main goal is to kill wokeness so he can get to Mars.

Trump should run in 2024 and tell Elon he will have his administration work with Elon to make that happen.

The two of them could crush the globalists.

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My FIL is a doctor and thinks this way.

Very book smart.

Leans republican.

Loves the vax and masks.

I don’t get it.

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Joe Biden has accepted the OPs challenge to find more idiots.

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Died of a PE methinks.

Why are most doctors do dumb?

Is there a class where they are taught big pharma is never wrong and shit?

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Nice handshake account.

I hope Elon slaps you with your rainbow keyboard when he fires you at Twitter.

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The sooner you realize our future will look like World War Z but replace the zombie aspect with starving hysteria the better.

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The hungry Egyptians will eat your Aunt. Sorry bud.

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They want to kill the useless eaters.

Consuming taxpayers are worth a lot to them.

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Anyone else feel this isn’t aimed at first world countries but third world?

-Reduce first world countries the ability to export (we are here)

-Third world countries can’t feed their populations

-Mass migration crises

-Those countries sign crazy agreements to places like China for table scraps. Now their country will be looted ala Ukraine.

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I don’t trust him.

The title of my post was sarcasm.

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Not all moms can nurse. Issues producing, medications that can harm the baby.

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Nido Powdered Milk, Water, Cane Syrup.

I’d only do this if desperate.

I do have 3-4 mo supply in my basement for my little one. Real formula.

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