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Oh they will certainly try. I don't have high hopes for his chances. They'll go after him harder than Kyle Rittenhouse.

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I recognized that quote from somewhere and I knew it wasn't a book. I searched it up and sure enough it was Code Talker from MGS Phantom Pain. Nice.

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Yeah I've never got the flu and lost my sense of taste and smell. The jabs are poison though.

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I hope your right. I know some of my family members have gotten it too. Just not sure which ones and when I talk to them about it they just call me a conspiracy theorist.

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ConPro trolls. They are trying to capitalize on the racial tensions.

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Damn, sorry to hear that. She may be an adult legally, but still a child.

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If that true I'm going to have to stay obstinate.

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ConPro is out in force lately.

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And how do you know that? The VAERS report doesn't have the identity of the person. This could be the VAERS ID number for OP for all we know. The only thing we can base this off of is the information given in the title unless you know OP personally. It wouldn't be the first patriots.win user to get the jab and report on its negative adverse effects on this site and probably won't be the last.

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Give it up bro. They've crossed the red line long ago. Many people here still think we can be free by participating in the system. They will bend over not only backwards, but forward to "keep the peace"

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