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I don't see anywhere they are locking down. The only news coming out is they are completely opening up because high % of vaccination rates: https://www.stjornarradid.is/default.aspx?pageid=e5cf150d-33a7-11e6-80c7-005056bc217f&newsid=bd3f39ee-d59c-11eb-813d-005056bc8c60

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It was confirmed to be like 25 Colombians, that their minister of defense said were ex-military, and two Haitian-Americans.

Iran's influence in the region cannot be understated, especially with the Democrats back in power and ignoring the threat from the southern border. This is a wild story that explains how Iran was arming and training Colombian and Mexican cartel through Venezuela: https://www.politico.com/interactives/2017/obama-hezbollah-drug-trafficking-investigation/

Iran's strategy is similar to what Cuba was doing in the seventies, sending in their guerilla commandos (Iranian Quds) to train the local rebels with modern tactics, provide them with much better weapons, and develop supply lines.

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The killers caught on the neighbor's video talking were not Haitian or Dominican.

From the video of the neighbors, you can hear the accents and it sounds Venezuelan/Colombian.

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Focusing on taking over local government and school boards should be the prime focus for the next two years. Equally important as retaking congress in the midterms.

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Real immigrants respect the process of becoming a legal citizen, and during it they know that if they fuck up with the law they can be deported back and lose all that they put into getting here. When illegal aliens come here, they begin with their first step into our country to disrespect laws and disregard the severity of punishment, because they will just hide from authorities to prevent deportation the same way they hid from border control agents when sneaking into the country.

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It's funnier because in spanish there is an insult to call someone a "descarado", meaning a shameless or arrogant person. It's direct translation is akin to 'losing face' or 'a person with no face'

So these cookies are wonderful on so many levels.

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Having read the actual bill, it's not as sensational as these articles are saying, but it addresses a shitload of security concerns.

The biggest differences, are that ballot drop boxes were added to regulations which govern the security of polling places, and there is a greater emphasis on chain of custody concerns, security of the drop boxes, and emptying and counting the drop boxes at the end of day. Before, the drop boxes had almost no security regulations and could even be moved around to different locations. Now they need personnel monitoring the site, under criminal penalty if they mismanage. Also, the rules which applied to vote solicitors within a certain distance of polling places has been applied to drop boxes.

Another huge difference, is that registering to vote with a person collecting them will need some form of state or federal ID number on the form. Also when registering to vote by mail, you will be required to enter a state or federal ID number. No ballots will be sent to people unless they go through this process and fill out the forms with their ID number. Also people soliciting voter registrations need to submit their collected registrations within 14 days of receiving them.

Another change is that people who help voting in assisted living facilities are now under the same ballot submitting regulations as family members, meaning they can only submit or possess 2 ballots other than their own. This makes it much harder for one person to forge a bunch of intercepted ballots, so it has to go through the internal mail of the assisted living facility.

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Dude, demographics don't mean shit. Younger hispanics that are born and raised here are leaning more shifting towards the republican party, which is why they are stepping up their indoctrination in public shools.

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The new voting law will make it tougher for them. Lots of new regulations making drop boxes as secure as polling place regulations, requiring ID to register to vote or request vote by mail, no unrequested vote by mail ballots, and assisted living center employees cannot be in possession of more than 2 ballots other than their own for a drop-off.

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She's right, most will still blindly elect useless politicians back into office just because of the R next to the name. We gotta primary ALL OF THEM in 2022.

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DeSantis is the best option for a 2024 win, as much as I'd love to see Trump back in there, we need someone younger and his stellar performance as governor during COVID will be a huge plus.

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His interview with Tucker was awkward as shit.

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This is so damn important. We need to take over OUR party.

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All you gotta tell any Biden voting friends of yours, is why are they spending so much time trying to impeach a president who is already out of office instead of providing COVID relief to America?

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You better find several sites like this one. The censorship is just going to expand. Look up how to use a vpn too.

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I've heard this too many times. I'm sick of this talking and no action. Obama did a ton of shit to twist the arms of judges, how the hell is Trump not able to get any of them to take on a case?

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Inb4 Twitter shuts down Trump's account for this tweet. Once they realize he can stop the steal by using their platform to mobilize millions of his supporters.

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Florida and Texas are next on their list.

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