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For what it’s worth, he goes on to say that he doesn’t feel the government should have the right to tell companies they CAN’T impose vax mandates either. I get what that means but he is not taking the hard line on this that he’s trying to portray. Stitt is a “me too” governor. I suppose I’m relieved that he is at least playing me too for the conservative side but he is a politician through and through. He doesn’t take stands. He just follows the pack after he sees what happens to the actual brave governors who do take stances.

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I’d be willing to bet she is desperately searching for anything she can charge him with.

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The Survival Group Handbook: How to Plan, Organize and Lead People For a Short or Long Term Survival Situation - by Charley Hogwood

I have not read this book yet but I did buy it. It is supposed to be a good survival manual for how to organize on a local level after a catastrophe. Networking with like-minded locals will be key.

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Sanjay Gupta is the Kamala Harris of “medical professionals” and is a good example of why hiring based on merit is better than hiring someone’s race. Let’s be honest, CNN hired his race not his expertise. So inclusive.

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If anyone tries to deny you basic necessities like food, take it. If they try to stop you, don’t let them.

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Today I learned “sprint” is synonymous with “waddle”.

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Remember when Puerto Rico hid a ton of supplies to create a false shortage image? Maybe we should be looking at some warehouses?

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He just reminds me of an old guy that’s way to happy about his job at Forever 21.

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He has the temperament of a teenage girl. I wish they’d stop giving him attention so he will go back to practicing face poses in the mirror.

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Which is funny for a guy who has made a career sucking white dick. Dude was so desperate to fit into white hollywood until he got some money.

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I don’t know if it was on purpose or not but I like the wordplay in your title.

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I love everyone on earth. That being said, I hate this specific group of people.

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Dammit you broke my brain. Is Geraldo a Bill Mitchell or is Bill Mitchell a Geraldo?

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That’s the part that gets me too. I feel like being open-minded and inclusive are traits that other people would describe you as. Not something you label yourself as. It seems self-centered and/or narcissistic. I can tell people I’m the worlds most philanthropic man and I’m tolerant of all other people. My actions would tell a very different story though.

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I did see something on my quercetin about taking a break from it occasionally. I can’t remember exactly how long to take and break though. I don’t have it with me.

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No one owes you anything you fucking crybaby. You clearly don’t belong here.

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Valid point and I agree. I for some reason still feel the need to cover my ass with proper wording for the fags that are watching this site.

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I promise not to randomly attack the medical community. The discerning comes from my own experiences. I live in an extremely conservative small Midwestern town and the number of lunatic God complex affected doctors slathering their political views all over my treatment is appalling. Granted the best and brightest of the medical community aren’t exactly looking for small towns to practice in.

Edit* I’m not necessarily advocating for violence against anyone but something has to be done about doctors violating their oath. They need to fear consequences besides from their overlords.

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The medical community God complex needs some retuning for sure.

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