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lol wtf Bill Maher was at a sex party? Does he grab women by the pussy?

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Yeah and they kicked him out of a bank lol. No irony there.

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I don't get how we are posturing for war with China while helping them at the same time? We just stopped chip manufacturing w/ them. Taiwan is using more aggressive language.

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That would be funny if AOC disappears, because she's a bot. Not just in twitter but in real life too.

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That's why we can't let them ban plug in hybrids. The Volt is an amazing car. You get all the benefits of an EV but can drive it as a gas powered car that gets 40 mpg whether or not you have a full charge. If the govt bans hybrids and forces all cars to be pure EV then we are fucked.

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The US wants to sell gas to Europe. We're are setup to be LNG exporters. We just made Europe our bitch. Trump was right. NATO had us pay for their security from Russia and they got it.

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....aaaaand, he's drafted.

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