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All of television is literally a psy op. You're subjecting yourself to brainwashing every time you watch it.

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Is this real? First thing I thought of yesterday was the "pizza related map" email.

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Along with caucaisophobic and christophobic.

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Why would saying thank a straight person be "homophobic" anyway.

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That's gotta be fake.

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I used to be registered R. Everyone else in our household was registered I.

One election - everyone else but me got their ballot. I called in to the office, and they said they would send another one. They never did, so days before the election I went in and told them I needed a ballot (we live in a mail in ballot state so, elections are worthless anyway, but) - all the people in the office were looking sideways at each other and clearing their throat like they knew something was up. It was an illuminating experience. This is back in the day before vote fraud became blatant.

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I've never been selected for jury duty, it's almost like they know I'm a conservative...

A family member who's a raging liberal has been selected twice and he's in his 20's.

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Cater to the gay? I will stay away.

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This needs to be a meme.

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Oh he knows. He also knows that Democrats have an army of useful idiots who will lap it up.

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Corporations, the deep state, and the far left are all in cahoots.

They have a vision of a "New World Order" that they want to impose on you. For your "own good," of course.

Thats the short version.

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Handshake shill is hilarious.

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