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Hey guys, they made have cheated in 2024, but if we vote really hard we can totally win 2028. Just sent my last $27 to the GOP, I have a few canisters of grasshoppers left to eat so I'll be okay.

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watch the 50+ part documentary on him on youtube.

...could we get a 50 word summary? Some days you don't feel like spending 4 hours learning about an internet weirdo, no matter how bizarre or humorous it may be.

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Nature is the answer. It has been around for billions of years. Imagine if humans did not inhabit the Earth this would be a paradise.

Animals would live in peace on this planet without us.

Animals would eat and murder the shit out of each other. It's literally how animals that eat things other than plants function and exist. Even herbivores will sometimes eat meat if a free meal stumbles into their path, like a small, wounded animal.

Might be less mercury in the oceans, though.

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Vaccines usually have a long approval process to make sure there are no crazy side effects, like 5 years.

And these are particularly novel "vaccine" types without prior data except for animal trials, which to my understanding were generally not good.

Could cause long term health problems we don't understand, could cause antibody dependent enhancement where the presence of antibodies that fail to kill the virus actually make the wild virus substantially MORE dangerous. (Though I'm not completely certain on the exact mechanism of how that works.)

The reality it we just don't know yet and trying to have the entire world take a new type of vaccine with no long term data to stop a virus that generally only kills very old and sick people (with rare exceptions the media likes to promote) is incredibly dumb. And that's not counting the crazy "conspiracy theory" possibility that negative long term affects are intentional.

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Your math is wrong, as of 2020 two weeks and two years are actually the same amount of time.

Just two more weeks and we will finally slow the spread.

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Just posting this here to inform people that the team isn't actually out, they went 1-1-1 (win/tie/loss) in the group round, which lets them advance to the quarter finals in second in their group (they tied australia, i guess whatever tie breaker they used gives the USA second and australia third.)

So it was all basically completely pointless until the quarterfinals start near the end of the week. Then they play netherlands which should be a pretty easy win unless an upset happens, which to be fair the USA couldn't beat Australia (tied) so I guess it's possible but still unlikely. It was always only really going to be the semifinals where games started to get more difficult.

Bookmakers currently have their gold medal odds around 35%. Down from 55% or so to start with because their performance has been so bad relative to expectations.

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They used to pretend to be the party of the working class in any case. If you go back more than 5 or 10 years ago, you can find videos of nearly every single big name democrat talking about how we needed to fix illegal immigration to protect workers. I'm sure they didn't actually mean it, but they did at least say it. Even Bernie Sanders as late as 2015 said open borders was a Koch brothers policy (implying it was bad of course.)

Then I guess the hispanic population reached some magic number so they decided it was best to flip their strategy. So being against illegal immigration now makes you an irredeemable nazi, despite the fact that they all used to be against it which of course the media would never bring up.

Most middle aged and older moderate liberals are somehow unaware of this and still believe that the Democrats are the party that supports the average worker (not that they ever really did.)

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Would be interested if anyone has more info on this, would be surprising and potentially useful knowledge that some of the most common over the counter medicines can have such negative affects for the most common contagious illnesses.

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A little bit, but I would say they still made it in time. Anyone who waits until the social incentives change or some crazy shit happens won't deserve any respect.

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Well, not that most of them think too deeply about it, but their argument is that the virus provides some protection but that it's not perfect.

So as a simple example, let's say that hypothetically the vaccine reduced their chance of getting it by 70%. So they get it to reduce their risk. So then they want you to get the vaccine too, with the idea being that you reduce your chance of getting it by 70%, so their chance of getting it from you becomes 30% * 30% = 9% instead of the original 30% if only they got the vaccine.

The problem with that is that it requires they admit it isn't nearly as effective as the 90-95% they were initially claiming. In other words, they have to admit that the vaccine is actually a lot less effective than originally thought (if we even believe any of their data), so the cost/benefit of getting the vaccine is even worse than they said. So from a rational point of view, there's even less reason to get the vaccine now than there was before. But obviously none of them are thinking like that, they just want to use whatever argument they can to justify the vaccine.

They also think that if they get enough people taking the vaccine that the virus won't be able to spread enough and will disappear. They keep changing their mind on what % of the population they need for this to happen, whether it's 50% or 90%. Obviously the virus is not going to just disappear, the same way the lockdowns obviously weren't going to reduce transmissibility and make it disappear. It's spread throughout the world and will eventually mutate around whatever vaccines they try to combat it. So it will be a virus like any other flu or cold that comes and goes in cycles. But theoretically, if the vaccines really worked as well as they say, there's a chance it could reduce the number of people getting sick in the short term.

The above obviously ignores the "cost" side of getting a vaccine, whether we can trust the data that the vaccines do what they are supposed to to begin with, and the possibility of both short and long term negative affects from the vaccines themselves.

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Too cringe, vegans already do that with “eating animals” stickers and it just makes people despise them even more.

Yeah that was my first thought seeing a stop sign like that, all they're doing is pissing people off. It's not something we really need to defend against.

Then again, they spent all last summer pissing people off and most liberals just keep their heads down while the crazy ones keep ranting, so... guess it doesn't really change anything either way when society is like this.

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I'm unsure why the average person would want to force vaccinations. Do they not realize there's a large contingent of people that just want to be left alone?

Most people don't really have moral standards, but more of a "what sounds right to me at this particular moment." So if the media is constantly telling them that non-vaccinated people are killing people, they pick it up and run with it.

They just think, "Oh, that makes sense, what a bunch of dumb assholes. Just get the fucking vaccine." There's no check in the back of their mind that goes, "Hm, but should people have the right to make these medical decisions for themselves? Can we trust the people who are giving this advice? What happens if everyone gets the vaccine and there's a problem?"

Nope, they just take their cues from their friends and people dressed up nicely on TV or with a nice job title in a newspaper. As long as those groups all say the same thing, they just go with it. Some of them are incapable of thinking more deeply on the issue, but many simply don't even try and aren't particularly interested in doing so.

Many conservatives are actually the same way but just ended up on the right side due to the social group they happened to be a part of. But obviously it's a far worse problem on the left at this time.

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It was really unlikely they would lose to new zealand. The women's soccer matches will only really matter much once the group stage it's over (from 12 to 8 teams, that's why it doesn't matter much except for seeding.)

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Reasons they adopt:

  1. Don't have to go through pregnancy
  2. Don't have to torture their own kid
  3. Don't have to actually raise the child - can just have a nanny do it and only bring the child out when they need a publicity prop
  4. Bonus social virtue signaling points for adopting
  5. Double bonus social virtue signaling points if the child is from Africa
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Because they can't risk 90% of the population turning against them yet. If the entire population doesn't recognize the legitimacy of a government, they probably aren't going to be able to hold onto that power, no matter what numbers CNN puts up on a screen.

They're hoping to skate by on 60/40 until they have absolute control of everything. Most of that 40% doesn't really like them either, but they've convinced a significant portion of it that the conservatives - Trump supporters in particular - are the worst, most evil thing ever.

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Despite the whole "aging feminist childless wino cat lady" thing, left voting women scale more towards the younger side and are more likely to be eligible for the draft.

It's not fair to the women who didn't want it, but none of the crazy big government stuff that is going on now is fair to any of us.

In any case, a universal draft would be deeply unpopular now so they can't chance such a thing yet, but who knows what the future holds.

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Just from some quick internet searching, the top 10 soccer players last year made a combined total of around $600 million. Top 10 golfers made around $300 million.

Add up all of the "association football" leagues on this wikipedia page and you get a total of over $20 billion in annual revenue:


Soccer is the biggest sport in the world, despite not being nearly as popular in the US market.

The one thing you can say in golf's favor is that it's probably easier to become one of the absolute best golfers in the world than soccer players since there's so much global competition for soccer, and a lot of the big soccer markets have less money. So if you wanted to argue that the ratio of pay to skill is better for golf, I guess that's possible. But just in terms of sheer money in the sport, soccer blows it out no contest.

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People have said that for years, but I used to think it was okay. But it's really tanked in quality the last 2 years.

Prices up, quality down, lots of online ordering where you don't get half the things you ask for. Less meat, less cheese, less vegetables. And now it's like $10 for a sub.

It used to be all right when it was $6 for a footlong sub if you didn't order badly and pick the ones with turkey meats (things labeled "ham" but made from turkey), but now I don't go there any more. Like the person above, I had a coupon that just didn't work for some BS reason and that was the last straw for me.

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Men's soccer is absolutely huge globally though.

Only countries like the US and a few European countries actually care about women's soccer (or women's sports in general.)

That's why it's exceptionally ironic that they spit on America, it's basically the only country in the world that's dedicated so much to women's sports. But somehow these idiots believe it's the most bigoted and discriminatory country. No where else would have provided them the same levels of opportunity.

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That's good information, but do we have actual tests that can determine this variant from others that are being deployed at scale?

In other words, do we have any good reason to believe that the estimates of this variant prevalence compared to the other/original strains have any degree of accuracy and weren't just pulled out of someone's ass?

From my understanding we don't even have a particularly reliable test for the original SARS 2 coronavirus, that can distinguish it from other viruses or even false positives. Seems unlikely that we would have a test in mass circulation that can tell one variant vs the others.

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China and Italy seemed significantly worse than the rest of the world

China was most likely hyperbolized as propaganda and Italy was a cluster of very old people that freaked out the western world because it hadn't really reached here in any notable levels before then. So it's kind of like if it were released in a nursing home, it will cause chaos in that situation but in 99% of other situations it looks more like a normal illness going around. We knew by around mid April that it wasn't actually the disease of mass death it was being portrayed as.

Remember the videos of people in China just simply going about their business and then collapsing on the street? Obviously we came to learn the virus doesn't work like that - not even remotely close.

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Pull the band-aid off quickly. It will do less damage in the long run

Ideally, but in reality they just shut down or roll their eyes and ignore you as crazy.

You can't start off with the stuff about interdimensional child-trafficking lizard demons using the gene therapy vaccine as a population control tool for the global banking elite.

You have to use arguments that they will understand.

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