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Tell them you have to miss because you are taking your neighbors dog across state lines to have it killed because she doesn’t want it anymore - #mydogmychoice

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Getting red pilled. Invite him over here. Sex strike when your husband has had a V is truly insane. He just didn’t realize liberals were crazy until now. Another one for our side

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We want to be able to cheat on our husbands, darn it!

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It’s dumb I keep hearing this. Ppl think they’ll get arrested if they miscarry???? That’s not what this is about. I think liberal media must be lying about this to scare them

by anon09
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So a white male

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I think that the next generation after this is going to have trouble with reproduction. I just read something today that said the children of Covid vaxxed people will probably be infertile. Especially girls. I have two boys hopefully they can find unvaxxed girls when the time comes!

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So this is still happening. I know a 6 month old baby that they refuse to do a heart transplant on bc he’s not vaxxed … he’s dying:(

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Republicans are definitely worried about this they were preferring that this would’ve been decided after the midterms.

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You weren’t doing this before??? Psychos

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I read that they use less than 10 kids to test this vaccine on. Are they comfortable with that… it’s a complete experiment. Besides that they should research more into vaccines in general. A lot of babies die of SIDS after their two month vaccines before Covid even came into the picture

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Exactly. I just laugh. We don’t even get trick or treaters in my neighborhood bc our hill is too steep. Like we are going to have a riot 😆

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I wanna see a group of Karen’s and BLM 100 deep try to make it up my 1 Mile long steep hill to my house to make me PAY. They will pass out and give up before they get 1/3 of the way. Fat, stupid and unhealthy idiots wouldn’t last ten minutes without their beloved cities and air conditioning and cuck bucks. Btw everyone in rural America OWNS GUNS. And dogs

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