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"Black slave owners just bought slaves so they could protect them from being bought by white slave owners."

Would NOT be surprised if this is exactly what he ends up claiming. "Oh he bought them so he could free them obviously!!"

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All words deemed "Too offensive" by the left instantly become twice as funny overnight and continue to age with time and reduced acceptance.

I was watching Land of the Lost and thought it was hilarious when the main lady called show tunes "gay"

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We can't keep playing the game while the other side is cheating, expecting something to change...

If politics were a game of Monopoly, the left is making up rules on a whim, taking your properties off the board, grabbing money out of your hand, grabbing money out of the bank, and making it so you can't even play. If we continue letting them get away with murder without putting our foot down, how are we not cowards?

We've lost our manufacturing. We don't even make our own medicine. Our gun companies have even been outsourcing. Given enough time, we won't even make our own guns or ammunition in this country. Once that happens, they will remove our ability to purchase them abroad. We lose. And don't even try to give me something where you don't think they'll do that. Here's an example. Try to find computer parts made in America. We need companies that are willing to give consequences to their actions.

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It's tough to play their game because they're snitches. Karens, snitches, all the worst in society is on the left.

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I think the more important fact is that black people are the most racist group of people, period. Have you ever wondered why Black people come to America and complain about how there's not enough black people? Other races don't do this as far as I've heard. It's because they don't like other races, but they want to live in America. Black supremacy is a part of black culture.

I work with a black lady that only ever associates with other black people. If any other race talks to her, you can see she's visibly annoyed and she acts like they're wasting her time.

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Here's how I see the left to right

Left to right is authoritarian to libertarian

Bottom to top is traditionalist to futurist

Traditionalist does not mean right wing. Nationalist does not mean right wing. Religion doesn't mean right wing. Small government and individualism does mean right wing. Maybe it wasn't always this way... Maybe the parties shifted... But that's how it appears to be to me.

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Oh, nice to see this. Thanks for pointing this out! Right-wing authoritarian is an oxymoron...

Right = small government + individualism.

People say fascism is on the right because Hitler was nationalistic while completely mind-holing the left-wing ultra-nationalistic China.

People say white nationalism is on the right because...I don't know...White people? It's on the left. The right believes in freedom of association.

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Can we also point out that right-wing authoritarian is an oxymoron...

Right = small government + individualism. People say fascism is on the right because Hitler was nationalistic while completely mind-holing the left-wing ultra-nationalistic China. People say white nationalism is on the right because...I don't know...White people? It's on the left. The right believes in freedom of association.

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Keep in mind that all the global billion-dollar corporations LOVE the idea of minimum wage because they exist to destroy and absorb all small businesses. The local bookstore can't handle the wage hike and boom, Walmart extends its book section... Then fires 1/3 of their workers. $$$$$$

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They might be using strategy with MTG though. They honestly think she's nuts and will say something they can plaster all over the news. They need an enemy. Remember that all of the MSM has already been HAMMERING MTG. I expect them to keep this up and they'll put all their energy into Lauren next.

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RINOs are Democrat-lites...Diet Democrats. I have trouble even calling them centrists, I think they're honestly center-left or in Mitt's case, full on Democrats.

The further right you are, the more individualist and anti-government you are. Simple as that.

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"China is superior to America"

You see propaganda and you are instantly demoralized and defeated. You have no confidence in yourself or your country whatsoever. "We have to give up guys, they're just better than us." ..If you are actually an American, I'm disgusted by your weakness.

Also, since you clearly have no idea of what's real. Chinese men that are raised in China are pampered manbabies. Many of them aren't even allowed to do anything for themselves because they are raised like royalty. Their men are so emasculated and weak that they had to start trying to add it to their school teaching because they have dangerously low testosterone levels. A genetic super soldier to China would be on par with a rural teenager in this country.

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Man I see people dooming over this shit.

Chinese men are literally manbabies. They are pampered to such an outrageous degree that they actually had to start adding curriculum to schools about how to be masculine... A "Super soldier" to them would get their ass kicked by teenagers in most countries.

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Wait a minute. You didn't include the biggest part of this. SINGLE-PARENT.

I remember watching a news segment years ago with this Mexican chick who worked part-time at McDonalds talking about how she can't afford to live. Turns out she has 3 kids with different guys.

...Oh, so you mean you put in the minimum amount of effort, never tried anything or prepared at all, never wanted to better yourself or even learn the basics of the language of the country you live in and you got pregnant THREE times and you think its the country's fault? "We need to pay people a livable wage." I think they mean they want a retard-proof wage, but you know someone will still not be able to live no matter what they get.

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No one wants the right to split up more than the left. Are you by chance one of them? :)

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That sounds good and all until you realize that our side can't even handle taking a stand against companies that disrespect us regularly. We continue paying them out of convenience. What's a little shame? Look at some other comments. Defeated. Hopeless. Helpless. They are destroying us through capitalism right now and we refuse to even take a small step to fight back. Most of us will watch the NFL tomorrow even after they have repeatedly spat in our faces. Even with the new gun bill coming up, I've already heard people talking about how they'd rather give up their guns than stand up and risk their families.

People always just default to the extreme, but how is that an option when 95% of our side refuses to fight for anything anymore?

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You are the perfect example of "Learned Helplessness Theory" No. You don't just have to fork your money over because you are incapable of living without the help of billionaires.. That mindset is absolutely what has gotten us to this point.

Also, ignoring the helplessness, unwillingness, and absolute submission in your comment... There are apolitical and right-wing companies. Goodyear isn't the only tire brand in America. Goya foods is an example of a food company that supported Trump.

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No one should support the NFL anymore. Every viewer is proving that the left can trample on every single detail of their lives and they'll just bend over and take it.

"Oh, it's only political __% of the time. It's not that bad.."

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Fascism is merger of corporation and state. People only attribute nationalism to fascism because of Hitler. Look at Mussolini.

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