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Not sure about snow, but with hurricanes, Biden advised that getting vaccinated is the best thing to do to prepare

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Big crowds, will also be covered on TV”

This is kind of a big deal considering that all his previous rallies were basically ignored by the media

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You dipshits claim Muh Trump 2024 and he hasn’t even announced that he’s fucking running yet! Call me a shill idgaf, but you crazed fags like you are just setting yourself up for disappointment again.

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This is true in my state also. Both of my parents went to the ER for covid pneumonia (if that’s an actual thing idk), but they were denied monoclonal antibodies because they weren’t obese and several other BS “requirements” that they didn’t meet. Thankfully, they’re recovering anyway

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Public health services. Maybe.

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…And here comes transhumanism, aka human 2.0, aka the 4th industrial revolution. Screw the elites!

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What if ones pride is in knowing they did a good job to fight the corrupt corporations?

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Uhh 5? Kek

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Seems to be an important position for both sides. Why else would Trump endorse Youngkin, and why would Kabala and Sniffy Joe publicly (and illegally) endorse McCauliffe?

Edit: I know that doesn’t answer the question, but that’s just my observation

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Fairfax County missed their reporting deadline at 8:00pm EST.

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That’s awesome! …but when is he going to push for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election in Florida?

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Take me to tendiie town!

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Not sure I like that last statement. Approximately 300k sealed indictments, containing up to 99 unique persons in each, could be equivalent to 30M people charged. If that’s the case, I REGRET NOTHING…come at me big bro!

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For all the US police officers: You better think long and hard about the position you take. Depending upon your stance, this will be your future

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