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Look, you're incapable of reading my mind through a text post on the internet, nor will I explain myself further to you. You have the reading comprehension of a small child.

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Listen, you mindreading moron - I speak spanish. And portuguese. Obviously english. And learning another language right now.

Even if I didn't speak spanish, that changes absolutely nothing about what I said.

This is not a matter of me or anyone else learning spanish. This is a matter of cultural and economic displacement of American people, the bilingual Americans who take part in it, and possible solutions.

Americans have ZERO moral obligation to learn the language of illegals and non-assimilators; it's actually the contrary.

You could learn Spanish. It's not that difficult

You could learn how to meaningfully contribute to find a real solution. It's not that difficult.

Edit: Also, look at my username. What language(s) is that?

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My man, foreign countries need its smarter people to stay to help fix, plan, and innovate. Brain drain can ruin a country for generations. China steals our tech for a reason; they can't create it themselves. Most of their intellectuals were killed off by the Chicoms many decades ago, and they still haven't fully recovered.

We already have engineers and other brilliant people who's salaries are being pushed down because of foreign workers and immigrants.

The most moral thing we can do for them and ourselves as a country is to stop letting them in; only taking in Musk tier people, and keeping jobs and higher wages for our people.

I know this may seem cold-hearted, but we can't just let in every person escaping communism; including the educated.

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Immigrate legally and assimilate completely.

Speak english and say NO to balkanization.

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Well, they're right about them being dumb without the insult.

If you live in a border state, it's extremely obvious these people aren't as smart as an average American, which says something these days.

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This isn't too suprising. El Paso may be Democrat (perhaps fraudulently), but's it's a "Hispanic" majority border town that takes pride in being American, speaking english, and supporting the troops.

In my opinion it's only a matter of time before it becomes red.

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I might get heat, but this bugs me.

What I see is a non-assimilating immigrant middle class replacing the native middle class via discriminatory hiring practices (estamos contrando!), hiring other foreigners/illegals, and driving down wages.

To add insult to injury, some of them even have the audacity to look at you dirty for speaking english, in which case I stare them down and respond to them in portuguese or english.

I have no issue with Americans with Meztizo background, but we can't have chain immigration or illegals flooding the country.

As we saw with Maryha's Vinyard, absolutely no one wants these people fucking people here except anti-American and anti-white racists. Deport every one of them. Fuck them. Create a buffer country in northern Mexico to keep the out if necessary for all I care; mabe the norther Mexican folk down there would actually appreciate that since they're different than Mexicans from further south.

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It's also used to displace conservative voters in "blue" states.

The Pacific Northwest needs almoat entire small towns deported.

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Fucking irritates the hell out of people claim that part of the world was peaceful until American involvement. It immediately tells me the speaker knows jack shit about what he's saying.

Even Muslims from that area say that shit, because they're suprisingly ignorant, and they're brainwashed to believe Muslims are default victims in nearly every historical conflict; even literal fucking Islamic conquest. I literally had to correct a Saudi woman about intertribal conflict in Afghanistan once; she claimed they were peaceful until American invasion. She was in disbelief after I told her I was physically in Afghanistan and witnessed ethnic tension firsthand.

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Turkey is in a tough spot and Erdogan was the best, but obviously imperfect solution.

Changing the Hagia Sophia and other holy Christian sites into mosques completely alienated much of Europe when Turkey claims to be secular. It's inconscienceable; comparable to if Israel denied Muslims and Christians access to their holy sites in Jerusalem; the Hagia Sophia is that holy and meaningful for the Orthodox.

In the near-mid future, the Turks have a very important choice.

  1. Stay with and reconcile with the West, and give Christian sites back to Christians. The ancient Byzantine-Ottoman conflicts are over. No one in the West is trying to kill innocent Turks for something their ancestors did. What's done is done; the Orthodox simply want their holiest sites back, and even possibly live in Turkey without anti-Christian discrimination. Talks would be needed; Turks also have legitimate gripes with the West.

  2. Leave the West and further cozy up to other Islamic powers, while the country further slides into a theological state.

We'll see which decision they make.

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There's youtube videos about the subject I can't find at the moment, but I think American "localizers" changed Kilton's dialogue about simply using "mon" as currency to creating "mon" to destroy the "system," and I think Robbie or one of those other stupid ass Sheikah characters' dialogue was similarly changed.

It's strange, because I seem to recall past Zelda games, though apolitical, only faintly hinted at such ideas in in thief/scoundrel type characters.

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Localizers completely changing dialogue is becoming a big issue in gaming. It's gotten so bad that localizers are literally changing characters to different genders with Western audiences being none the wiser.

They injected Marxist dialogue into Breath of the Wild. As a long time Zelda fan and linguistics/language nerd, that shir made me want to beat the localizers' faces with a bat.

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Japan is already in the process of falling, and feminism is one of the main culprits. Many young Japanese men are taught to be conformist pansies, and overindulge in television and videogames to express their repressed masculinity and escape Japan's extreme social pressures.

Feminist themes have been in anime for decades. Anime is chalk full of women acting masculine, and women beating powerful men in nothing but skimpy outfits.

Also, animes like Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop both have very in-your-face genderfluid characters and themes; Ghost in the Shell particularly of the two. Many animes are also filled with effeminate men that look like, or present themselves like women.

But back to Japanese men - Japanese women find many of them rather unsexy as a result of their emasculated bearing, and birth rates in Japan have taken a nose dive below replacement levels. Japan is in a legit existential crisis and most people don't even know it. Their government has been rushing to incentivize having Japanese children for a while now.

To be clear, I wouldn't call anime in general woke, but I would call quite a bit of the popular animes here in America lite-woke. As far as Japan, they're already on their way down, and their government might need to conduct a full-on PSYOP on their people to start having more children at this point for immediate results while longer, more difficult cultural changes are in process, such as creating a culture that better accepts masculine men and phasing out extreme formalities and norms.

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There you go, you fucking morons. RCV in action. We warned you.

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That's all for tonight.

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Ok lazy faggot.

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Cool, well I actually watched the stream; the afternoon session with the sensitive info was unaired, but is now coming out since the attendees were given permission to divulge what they saw.

Names like Konnech, LuchaAZ, and Black Futures Lab are being revealed.

Consider changing information sources.

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Nope. Do your own digging. I pointed you in the right direction.

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Follow Gregg Phillips on TS and get up to speed.

This is not a larp.

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Follow Gregg Phillips on TS and get up to speed. Be part of the counterstrike.

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I've thought about this question for weeks now, and I think it came from a European ally. I don't know for sure yet.

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