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It it a truck on the tracks, trucker seems to have died.

No tank cars either, or none are obvious so far. Not a hazardous event, just tragic.

by jda70
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Or maybe Einstein is wrong again.

Ponder this with me, I'm not asking for a physics discussion or lecture just pointing this out. And yeah, it is all relative.

You're on a spaceship traveling at 10 MPH below speed of light. You throw a ball across the cargo bay at 50 mph in the same direction of travel as your spaceship is moving. Is that ball now going 40 MPH above speed of light?

Can you see the ball, did the ball implode or stop increasing speed at .00something below speed of light?

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Mars Attacks is number two.

Number 1....... I can't think of the name of this, the movie is about Martians coming down on Halloween and one of the Martians sounds like Jack Nicholson and all he and his crew want to do is go home. But they have a 'karen' robot on board who will kill them if they don't remain loyal to Mars and go about destroying Earth.

It's funny and laid back. At the end the Martians defeat the karen by pretending to take it's picture and a Human farmer helping the cool Martians hands the karen a lit stick of dynamite, saying they need more light for the pic.

Boom, no more karen/robot.

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Look at a map fren. Research the effects and look at a map.

YES, it will flow in all the waters it touches, if you saw that black cloud then you know there were tons of particles put into the atmosphere which did not burn off properly. Water will dilute chlorines and HCL and phosgenes, it will eventually break down the vinyl chloride and benzenes but trace carcinogens will remain.

Back in the 80s we made money retro-filling transformers and other electrical gear with clean mineral oils. The Feds had determined that the old oil used PCBs and they said the PCBs were toxic. So we had to remove all the old oil, clean and refill. Ok.

If any of that oil contaminated oil touched the ground we had to dig up the ground and seal the dirt in drums, then burn the dirt at specific temps to eliminate the toxins. We paid people to burn the contaminated dirt. The EPA would run soil samples and the dirt had to be mitigated down below 1PPM.

That stuff is a lot more toxic than the relatively inert PCBs were. You see how this works? Who is going to dig up all that dirt and burn it, who is going to mitigate all that? No one- yet people will live near it.

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I'd be concerned a wee bit, yep. There are a lot of worrisome datum points involved.

Burning that mess like they did released phosgene gas and hydrogen chloride gases, for one thing, in addition to the chlorines and other carcinogens. A lot of that should fall back to earth nearby, maybe, but some will attach to water molecules and drift along to you.

It should be weak enough to not be an immediate concern perhaps but we don't know what all is in it, really.

Good luck.

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Yep. The wider picture shows all the NPCs standing in support of the black national anthem, she refused the insanity.

God Bless her.

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At least you capitalized the loving term of endearment 'Boomers'.

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Trump owes us a lot of explanations tho, such things as why he touts the poisonous fake vaccines or why he called people to that Jan 6th trap at the Capitol.

This coming election is useless at the moment; we have no plan to defeat the frauds of the Enemy for instance. 90% of us could vote Trump and it wouldn't matter.

But right now Trump owes us answers and glimpses into his thinking. I keep getting emails threatening me if I continue to NOT donate, and that's all I hear from him, threats begging for money. How will he address the frauds? How will he cause our double damned corrupt government to obey law, how will he arrest the tens of thousands of government traitors in place around the country?

How will he stop the chinese from waging war on jus, how will he claw back the trillions we send to nazis and other terrorists? How will he undo the horrors of our public schools, how will he cause the Justice system to dispense actual Justice?

Normally I would say, this is Trump's election to lose. That isn't so today - Trump has to earn it, he cannot demand it he must earn it and right now he simply is not even in the field trying to earn our support. He offers no rationale to describe his intentions or thoughts, he merely demands I send him money.

At 'this' moment, elections do not matter at all, there is no reasonable expectation of honest elections and we see no correction coming.

WHY bother?

Tim Scott is not a solution, DeSantis 'might' be, and Trump could very well be the best hope, but he isn't attacking the Enemy or offering solutions. Why bother?

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About 15 years ago an illegal alien, about 30, who lived in a trailer park near our shop in Houston had taken a 13 year old girl as his wife. The neighbors knew she was a child more or less held hostage in there, but her family lived nearby and they knew, it seemed to be an arranged marriage.

The little girl became pregnant and had a baby boy. Then a few months later she became pregnant again. But the father didn't want any more kids, he got drunk and became violent, he sliced the throat of the baby in front of the girl, then sliced her throat and then was trying to cut his own throat.

But that hurt, he stopped cutting and neighbors called an ambulance, they took him to the hospital and saved him. Cops released him on bond, some agency paid it, and he fled to Mexico.

I was reliably informed about three years later he was back, hanging out at the same bars as before.

This sort of thing is why even the Women at our shop carry.

The people in that trailer park defended him some, said it was their culture that girls could be taken as wives when they were still children.

We have lived with that sort of thing all my life down here.

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Dudley never lost the fight and always kissed the girl - real girls back then no trannies!

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Our kids are grown but just for posterity if ever I got the opportunity I'd be tempted to neuter that thing.

Damn who would leave their kids with that?

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My sisters and I did dishes, games were cards and dominoes mostly. Rummy, spades, poker, 42 and like that. My parents both liked to gamble at the illegal houses in Texas back then, such as the Balinese Ballroom in Galveston.

My Father never wore a sweater vest in his life.

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Why? To what purpose, what advantage is gained by the expense of the dog and pony show? The Senate would not impeach so even if we wanted to oust him that isn't gonna work out.

Then Harris the Ho would take the seat so there's that as well.

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Same here, although most of the stuff we did for fun was harmless and probably only fun to us.

True story. About 8 years ago a neighbor's daughter, high school kid, was on the volleyball team. The team had a thing they did where new members got their houses wrapped and little keychain volleyballs would be left hanging in trees in the yard, or on a bush, somewhere.

The team took in a new girl, new girl was black, her mom called the cops screaming hate crime because white girls gonna lynch her daughter. No father in the home, he did show later with a gun tho.

Neighbor kid was hauled in because she and 5 other girls did the horrible crime. My neighbor read the riot act to the cops but his daughter still had to endure the mess, it was such stupid drama.

My friends and I woulda been buried under the woke-jails if people had cameras on us. One thing a certain group of us did was to go up the bayou a ways to a county water treatment plant, they had a little dog pound there. They'd hook a pickup truck up to a barrel with a hose on the exhaust, put a dog in there and gas them.

We would open the fence in back by the woods and let the dogs out, seemed like Worthy Adventure to 10-12 year old kids.


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We have to attend a neighbor's party, we'll stop by for a couple beers and then leave before the game starts. He's a nice old guy, has this party every year and has done it for decades. He knows I won't watch the game but I'll go have a beer and explain stuff to anyone there.

He always makes sure my Lovely Wife knows we are expected and he knows she'll make it happen, so I'll spend an hour or so talking about the satanic thing and my work will be done. This is the one time I am allowed by my Wife to launch on anyone and I take full advantage.

That reminds me, I need to spike my coffee with Kahlua right now to get primed.


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We used to have Spiritual standards, physical standards and mental standards, now we have the things in the pic instead.

Queers were given medical or otherwise 'unfit for Service' Discharges under less than Honorable conditions upon discovery of their queerness.

I used to advise young people to go enlist after high school, but not these days.

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I've been getting threatening emails from his alleged campaign. Twice I've been told that I am no longer a friend because I haven't donated. I used to donate, to the tune of thousands of dollars, and they didn't threaten me then so I guess money broke us up.

Yeah trump seems more and more like he isn't really with us or his campaign people are still against him or something.

Why bother, President Trump? HOW are you going to beat the frauds, sir?

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Correct, the Enemy is not going to simply arrest itself it will use every weapon it can manage to bear against us.

Expect worse things, sadly yes there are worse things than the plagues and war and terrorisms we have seen so far.

The War is real.


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Damn, that's SO BAD it must be given an updoot because of being SO VERY unworthy.

Please don't shoot Puppers.


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