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NATO is toothless. No industrial capacity. They’ve deindustrialized for green fantasies and outsourced everything.

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South Africans seem to like cowboy hats. Every South African expat I know has one. I don’t think it’s mockery.

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WEF pays their agents. Some of it is the corporatist circle of life. A lot of this is given because the mega corps have regulation monopolies and the same mega corps get the treasury funds from Ukraine support and other spending sprees. It is all sustained by corruption but it’s far greater than money laundering.

The Obamas are running the Biden Show for the WEF.

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It’s not going to do any more than the challenger II. The challenger loss or losses was an embarrassment so now it’s used as long range fire support, mostly at night.

It’s a useful defensive tank. We’ll see how it does with the Russian offensive but I expect at least one will fall into Russian hands which is why they are export pattern tanks.

I hope at least once we get to see an M1 Vs a T80 or T90M but I expect these will simply get destroyed from air.

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Yes. It’s so nice to see someone else say it.

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Bud light. McDonald’s. Are they trying to make us healthy?

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This article is fake but you can probably find a government school where this is true. Quite possibly more than one.

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