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Who do you think the ballots from the dead are voting for?

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But all the dead ones will still vote for Biden

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Yes cryptocurrencies.

For example, XYO is one cryptocurrency which is based on geolocation data. The project utilizes participants mobile devices to gather data of where the device is located in the real world, and then that data is authenticated by other nearby devices via Bluetooth.

The data is then used in a variety of ways: to improve existing geolocating technologies such as GPS and cell tower triangulation, to provide marketing data to firms seeking high traffic areas for real world marketing campaigns, and in the manufacture of more innovative technologies and products. ( an example of the latter would be fobs or other devices to be placed on keyrings, vehicles, shipping containers, or other valuable assets in order for people to easily locate them through apps while also validating the location by again, using other devices within Bluetooth range, as confirmation). It's essentially providing more reliable data than previous technologies, and companies see value in that reliability.

Other cryptos are based on other applicable data sets, from sales and cash flow data to media usage, etc.

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2000 feet is extremely helpful, it gives the base value to find the radius from which to execute a search area.

Critical thinking.

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Many digital currencies have value inherent to the data they represent. Many of these currencies are built upon geolocation data, or marketing data, helping logistics and commercial developments, and their value is based on the value that companies and individuals place on that data.

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He told them that he ejected at 2000 feet and the crash was caused by aircraft failure. That's pertinent information to pass to local authorities so that they can find the crash site and respond to any dangers to the public.

And him requesting medical services is perfectly fucking reasonable for him to be on a call with 911.

Holy shit, is asking people to exercise critical thinking skills before circlejerking so much to ask?

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Yeah, local EMS needs to know what happened too.

Military doesn't exist in a bubble where they are the only people involved in incidents.

I'm genuinely frustrated by how retarded people here are half the time.

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Sometimes this website gives me hope that not all of our citizens are complete dipshits.

Then I read the comments on some of these threads...

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Cries in New Mexico

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It's more the left wing prosecutors and AGs I've seen blamed for that

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The deep state doesn't punish their own, unless it's a slap on the wrist or sacrificed pawn to save the rest

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Deputized mobs and posses of citizens seem like a more reliable solution

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Does it matter? The Brass traps will get in the way regardless

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I want him to spend time time in jail feeling the Raper first.

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