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It would make more sense to use blue haired communists.

Stop using the lefts lexicon.

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Yup, and the media is calling it anti-Semitic.

Which means it's going to be good.

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Good casting. DNA studies on Ramesses corpse shows that he was White with Red hair. Having red hair was a sign that you were chosen by the god Set.

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You get used to it.

Though it is annoying.

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Bruh.... Nick was a Trump Fanatic. He was a bigger Trump supporter then most people on this site. He tears up watching old Trump speech's and has memorized them word for word.

Nick is upset with Trump now because of him pushing the vac, and taking over six months before saying anything about his J6 supporters in jail.

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"This seems fake. Looked up the whois data and it doesn't line up."

Did you not see the Meme Flair?

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Andrew is still working out it. But the guy is swamped with work. He is working on getting Gab Marketplace and Gab Ads out by the end of summer.

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"If you think that CRT is anti-white, then you are a White supremacist! Don't you know CRT hurts Blacks and Asians!" - Cuckservitve

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Have you not read what a wrote previously?

"The School tried to reach out to the parents to give them the child for burial. However, many did not want them back, and others could not be reached. So they buried them is unmarked graves. This is not new info, this has been know for many years."

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CPAC is the most Controlled OP out there. None of the people talking have been canceled.


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"You can't and won't miss a chance to point out there's Jooos involved."

Dude, I have never talked to you before, but you are keep using this strawman against me. I just pointed out that Zionist Jewish Groups are doing everything they can to ban Gab. Which is true.

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I would agree with you if the ADL, SPLC and other Jewish groups were not spearheading this attack on Freespeech. You can throw around insults all you want, but it won't change reality.

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The Jewish groups saying they contacted the banks to get Gab Banned is not the Jewish groups. Thank you, clears it all up.

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Zionist Jewish groups have been trying to take down Gab for years, they are banned from 5 banks and payment processors. They even pressured the Governor of Texas to say that they need to ban Gab because of anti-semitism. The reason why Trump is not on Gab was because Kushner told Torba that he would not let Trump join unless Gab bans anti-Semitism.

Seems Zionist Jewish groups has an unhealthy obsession with Torba.

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"During that time not one child in the US died at a boarding school."

No children died in a over 200 year time frame. Got it lol.

"Unless there was some immediate accident."

Like the Spanish Flu, that killed millions of people at the end of ww1.

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They most likely did at some point. Some of these graves are old, like 140 years old. Another thing was that a couple years ago there was a flood that reopened some of these unmarked graves and some of the bodies were identified as Priests and Nuns.

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The government took native children to Res Schools to give them education and they told the Church to take care of the schooling. This was the liberal approach.

This was over 100 years ago. Children died from the Spanish flu, small pocks and sicknesses. The School tried to reach out to the parents to give them the child for burial. However, many did not want them back, and others could not be reached. So they buried them is unmarked graves. This is not new info, this has been know for many years.

However, for political reasons the government and media are saying they "found" mass graves of murdered children and that evil white Christians murdered them and that it was a genocide. All bullshit. They even edited the new reports after the outrage to just unmarked graves.

Because of this there has been mass burnings of churches, over 20 have been burned that I know of. One church was set on fire and burned down a whole town of 200 building and killed 2 people. Of course the media says this was just caused by the record heatwave.

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Why would we run like cowards. Our people built this land. The struggle is only getting started.

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Trudeau went to Alberta to campaign and did not mention the Churches being burned down there. He even had his bodyguards physically remove a female reporter when she asked about it.

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The dude he was hanging out with was Catboykami. He is a massive troll that does Omegle Streams.

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