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They are not real Patriots because they're not middle aged, overweight and shouting "let's go Brandon".

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They are an independent group that it not aligned with us. The risk is all on them.

They have been marching for over a year and have not attacked people or called for violence. I am not going to scream FED and disavow them since they have done nothing besides march.

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Its not an organic movement. They are a club like the Proudboys but even more organized. They workout and train together all over the USA. When they march its not organic, its a practiced event to show off. You can not even join the PF club if you are over 35.

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If they want to do that they can take the risk. Not our problem.

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"Seriously, look at the way they move, look at their fitness, not an ounce overweight, identical gear, impeccably clean, all the same age: they are C.I.A. military."

How can you say that unironically? They aren't fat retards that dress like shit, they must be CIA!

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I honestly don't give a shit.

Why do we have to disavow everyone right of us. The left never does that to their side.

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The fucking Spy and Berserker gets me every time. I can't stop laughing.